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Meh! :D

Hello, I'm Christophe (or Jen). I'm transexual, I'm usually a sweetheart and try to help everyone around me the best I can, though a lot of people treat me poorly. I tend to belittle myself, I have next to no confidence in myself, so I don't push myself to do things unfortunately. I usually act rather happy just so others don't worry, I don't like making others worry.

I love the colours black, blue and white. I love sheep and cats. I also love painting and sewing, mainly doing hands on work I guess you could say. I'm a rather odd person in general though.

I love vampires, mainly the vampires that are from Anne Rice, Heather Brewer and other such books. I'm against Twilight, it's a huge disappoint and a disgrace to real vampires. Vampires should burn in the sun NOT sparkle. Just saying.

I tend to dye my hair a lot, my hair is always changing in some way, I can't get the scissors and chemicals away from my head. I was originally going to be a cosmetologist but again I belittle myself and have no motivation.

I love food.

It's me. I don't know.
Message me, I love talking, for the most part.

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PandaEatingTacosx3 Report | 04/15/2014 12:28 pm
You Like Panic! At The Disco OMFG I Love You !! whee emotion_dowant
Sellesion Report | 02/02/2013 12:12 am
Oh thank you! :'D
It's probably teh most expensive avi I've ever made. >w<

Awwww.. but if you're so self concious, you don't have to hold back, but rather, pick and choose who you share it with.
I think a person should be the bestest they can/wanna be. ^w^
I agree though... some people are just mean with what they say about a person's art, and that's not constructive at all.
Sellesion Report | 01/31/2013 3:08 pm
Awwww.. you shouldn't be so much. ><
You should love what you do. :3

Oh nice.
Lol, SAI is like, the best drawing program I've seen. ^x^
Cracked versions seem hard to find though. >w< I just ended up buying it. hehe.
Oh that's really cool! I always appreciate it when people make their own style and put the work in to create something new.
It's fun to look at and whatnot. ^^
Sellesion Report | 01/30/2013 12:28 pm
Aww, you shouldn't let something like that stop you from drawing! If you enjoy it,
you should do it no matter how good/bad you think you are; cus either way,
if you never do then you're art won't improve to the point where you are happy with it.

And Yesh, I am quite the creative type, or at least I like to think I am.
I like to make things and do things with my hands, ya know?
I always feel so proud of a finished project. <3
What sorta stuff do you make/do? :'D
Sellesion Report | 01/29/2013 11:54 pm
I'm pretty good.
Got paid at work today, and finished some chibi commissions I had to clear up.
And tomorrow is my day off of work so I'm gonna work more on a few cosplay costumes I'm making. :3

Anywho... that sure sounds like a weird way to wake up. o.o'
Sellesion Report | 01/29/2013 7:50 pm
Sorry to hear that. ^^"
Sellesion Report | 01/29/2013 5:48 pm
Oh gosh that'll do it to a person. o.o"
My bf was home schooled for 7 years of his life.. so he spent a lot of time here during those sorts of times as well.
It sounds so lonely. ><
Gaara_numba1 Report | 01/28/2013 7:58 pm
xD ok what color scheme do you suggest?
Gaara_numba1 Report | 01/27/2013 4:52 pm
Lol but ill figure it out sooner or later biggrin
Gaara_numba1 Report | 01/27/2013 12:06 am
xD completely but I wouldnt know where to start

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