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The Darkness Among Us

Mains! ❤

Kik & Snapchat: h3rdz.

Sia / Feli Beli

Vaasi / Versace

Louise / Rina

Tracey / Egg

Lamar / Business Associate


Miss Addy





Louise and Tracey.
Y'all cant separate them. If you get one, you get the other.
They're the biggest skuxx's out. ❤

Sia is my Og.
She is Dope af.
She is awesome to get to know.
She is also my toks.
So ily so much toko. ❤

This is Lamar.
He is such a dope m'fn ghee.
He is my Business associate.
My niqqa. nd my Toko. ❤

Vassi is my number one,
My Main bish, My toko.
She is simply amazing.
She is My Baby Girl, and is Family to me.
ily so much toko. ❤

For me life is continuously being hungry.
The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.
-Arnold Schwarzenegger. ❤

Sup ! You Can Call Me Liam im 15 years old ^o^
I blow them M"Fn candles out on March le Third.
I'm Half Australian Half Syrian , currently residing in Sydney, Australia.
I'm 100% straight (but whuteva floats your boat) , Male. xD
Kik & Snapchat; h3rdz
Hobbies: i love to rap , play online games (mostly gaia) , swim , go gym.
Listen to music all day everyday xD , I love rap , trap , dj mixes , RnB , and a little regge music here and there.
Hates: Hmm? .. i dont know. (fake people) :3.

Me. ❤

This is Nermin.
Shes my goody. Dope as.
Hit her up for the add. Tots worth it. ❤

Nermin / My Goody

This girl is perf.
She is epic.
She is my Huggy Buddy. ❤

Sky / Huggy Buddy