Victoria Mirabella Gates


Last Login: 09/15/2014 6:48 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Where the deer and the antelope play Ping-Pong

Birthday: 03/31

Occupation: Typical college student

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Want to know me?

HI!!!!! Welcome to my page! I'm not sure if you stumbled upon it on accident or what but welcome. I don't really know what to tell you about myself but I guess I shall try! I love music and writting along with my friends and family. I am a very bubbly chatty person! If you want to know anything special message me!
My likes:
My friends
My christmas fuzzy blanket

My dislikes:
Fish(Eating kind not fish tank kind)

Favorite qoutes:
"I am a super sexy rainbow"
"I don't tell you how to live your life so please stay far away from mine."
"Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes-- that way when you do judge them you'll be a mile away and you'll have their shoes."
"When life shuts a door on Me,I don't wait for another door to open,I say "Oh hell no!" and Kick the door down!"

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Gumby Ningata Report | 08/27/2014 10:04 am
Gumby Ningata
Welcome. If you are willing to talk about it I am here to listen.
Gumby Ningata Report | 08/27/2014 9:39 am
Gumby Ningata
emotion_hug I hope you feel better.
-iiSaga- Report | 08/12/2014 9:11 pm
~ Thanks for Buying ~
Carfuffle Report | 07/11/2014 8:19 pm
Thanks for the stuff...sorry I was late on the trade
Super_Tiny_tina3 Report | 07/11/2014 9:51 am
Hi, sorry if I am bothering you, but I am looking for someone to rp with and was wondering if you were interested?
Zakiyyah Xocthitl Report | 07/10/2014 10:12 pm
Zakiyyah Xocthitl
thank you for the shoes from your giveaway <33
Errant Wrath Report | 05/24/2014 11:19 pm
Errant Wrath
Lucky. I've got sometime left. I hope I do well. My classes for the fall are all practically online and I am worried the teachers won't be as accessible to me.
Errant Wrath Report | 05/24/2014 11:11 pm
Errant Wrath
Same kinda. Looking for work but starting back to school in August so worried about the scheduling. Can't wait to be done already.
Errant Wrath Report | 05/24/2014 10:57 pm
Errant Wrath
Hey, how are you?
Gumby Ningata Report | 04/23/2014 11:37 am
Gumby Ningata
Thank you. You have a nice one as well. I like that hair.
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