My name is Tom im a 17 year old boy who lost his parents i live in new york city with 5 roommates all girls my life was shattered and was never repaired but thats ok im nothin special.....

just some random pics i guess....

just for fun ok

Spell Your Name With This And See If It Fits Your Personality

A: Is Beautiful
B: Good Personality
C: Loves To Have Fun
D: Can Kick Your a**
E: Has Gorgeous Eyes
F: Loves People Wild And Crazy Adore You
G: Very Outgoing
H: Cute
I: Very Good Kisser
J: Is Really Sweet
K: Crazy
L: Loves To Laugh And Smile
M: Makes Dating Fun
N: Easy To Fall In Love With
O: Has One Of The Best Personalities Ever
P: Popular With All Types Of People
Q: A Hypocrite
R: Is A Good Person To Be With
S: Makes People Laugh
T: Smile To Die For
U: Is Very Sexual
V: Not Judgmental
W: Very Broad Minded
X: Never Let People Tell You What To Do
Y: Loved By Everyone
Z: Can Be Funny And Dumb At Times


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My Messed Up Life

randome sh!t and stuff pomes short storys fan fics ya no the usual



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hey wazzup long time no talk

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hey long time no talk how you been?

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um.....yeah lets go with that o.o;

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konichwa random person to my profile =o

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i jsut cant enough of strawberry panic ^^

oh the fruits basket video shown on the top was made by me please check out my account name on Youtube its NANASHI152
king sullivan

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king sullivan

ello :3

Strawberry Panic *__*
Mr Wise Turtle

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Mr Wise Turtle

ty urs nice to
Sako Hinode

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Sako Hinode

Oh thanks. And it's fine, I've got a friend that's into stuff like that but she likes....Yaoi? I dunno I never really got into that kinda stuff. User Image But yeah, your profile is still nice.
Sako Hinode

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Sako Hinode

Hey I like your profile.


Nya its me!!!