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Despite my join date, I've been on for years, on various accounts. My first account was made in '05. <3

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I am a member of the Black Lace and Rose Prince Appreciation Guild, a guild that celebrates the work of the two biggest kink anons, and I suggest you join if that's something that interests you!

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Wall of narcissism:

This is where I put things that cheer me up, because I like to look at them whenever I feel down. <3

Minty Andee Wrote:
Ves, you're awesome and spiffy and resplendent in all that you do. You're friendly and kind and funny. You put the happiness of others first. You make my day. I love getting messages from you and talking to you on the forum. You are a kindred soul and you always make me feel better about myself when I think I'm being awkward. You worry about other's and you do your best to make sure everyone is satisfied. If you aren't fantastic, no one is.