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RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 12/24/2014 2:30 pm
Arigato for the purchase! (See my store for more!) ^-^ <3
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 11/16/2014 6:59 am
hi there!^^
no its fine really, i have not internet at the moment lol...
ive been moving to my new apartment this september so i am borrowing my moms internet when i got the chance...i also got a job now! XD
but overall its fine with me, how about you?^^
Public Statement Report | 11/06/2014 5:39 pm
Whoa, really?!
That's so great!!!!! <3
I'll re-add you here in a minute n.n
I'm glad to hear you got married!!!
Public Statement Report | 11/04/2014 2:23 pm
Lol Don't even fret man!
It's been so long!!!!
How've you been!!!!?!?!?
Public Statement Report | 11/03/2014 6:35 pm
Public Statement Report | 11/03/2014 6:23 pm
Ummm yes, who is this..?
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 09/24/2014 2:10 pm
nvm i could see now after i sent the comment, yes im trying to get one (or more!) when i can afford~ <3
they are so adorbs!
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 09/24/2014 2:08 pm
sorry to ask but what kitties? sweatdrop heart
i cant keep track on our comments + no internet which means inactivity and bad memory...sorry! ; v ;
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 09/08/2014 2:08 am
i enjoy it alot, ty!^^
its ok, i dont have internet atm...XD
well it looks like we are going to change plans, i will not receview the ragdoll due to age and insecurity, instead i will probably buy these cute fluffs~!<3....but thats when i can afford them xD
RaverSpidey Report | 09/03/2014 10:47 pm
idk for sure, it's been so long, since i last wore a dress

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