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The Real Me

I was big into gaia yeaaars ago and was once known. Than I left for a good while but now I am back! I am happily unknown for now. I am a lover of art and honesty. I cherish relationships and protect my friends as if they were my kids. I may dress my avatar fancy but I am not an elitist. I hate online bullying so I try my very best to not treat others like crap for their differences. Drama does not bother me at all. I understand we are all human and it is human nature to be emotional. I also do not stereotype my self with sexuality titles. People need to knock that s**t off and just be themselves. Stop giving a damn about labels and shoving it down people's throats.

I am a heterosexual and not into yaoi AT ALL. I rather avoid it and steer as far away from it as I can. Do not care to much for the fans of it either. Unless you are a stuck up p***k that rams yaoi down people's throats... I am cool with ya.

OCs in Avatar Form

Name: Verin Furrel
Age: Immortal
Height: 7'0"
Race: Incubus
Time Period: Modern / Fantasy
Occupation: Doctor
Personality:Furrel is a rather twisted demon who enjoys watching others suffer or beg for mercy. His temper is extremely short like a grouchy old man and he can be easily annoyed. Some people will say he has many moods that change without warning. This makes his personality rather hard to determine. He'd as soon ******** you over to save his own tail from trouble unless that trouble amuses him. He is also untrusting and paranoid at times. Makes it hard for people to get close to him. One thing everyone finds out right away about him, is that he’s ******** up in the head, and he's a d**k. Verin Furrel is a psychopath and very sadistic. Don't fall for the little games he plays.

Likes: Females, nekos, the naughty
Dislikes: Children, love, males, Jarious, teenagers,

Name: Jarious Albridge
Age: Immortal
Height: 6'10"
Race: Incubus
Time Period: Modern / Fantasy
Occupation: Mafia Don
Personality: Jarious is a rather intelligent demon who is rather cocky in nature. He lives by the philosophy of always remaining cool, calm, and collected. He is rather sly when it comes to getting what he wants, but he can also maintain the appearance of being a gentleman while he cons people into doing what he wants.

Likes: Women, poker, guns, money, being feared, the naughty
Dislikes: Being called "Jerry", vampires, humans, police, driving, Verin

Name: Zaphkiel Darksky
Age: Immortal
Height: 7'10"
Race: Dark Tailgel
Time Period: Modern / Fantasy
Occupation: Stock Broker / Aristocrat
Personality: Zaphkiel is a very stern and proper man. He can be rather protective of those he cares about, and is very loyal to his wife, Aveline. He tends to be rather stubborn, and sometimes has a habit of denying when he actually enjoys something.

Likes:His wife, fine wine, eating healthy, being clean, playing the stock market
Dislikes:Jarious, his father-in-law, dirt, germs, humans, bugs

Name: Terrance Darksky
Age: Immortal
Height: 7'5"
Race: Dark Tailgel
Time Period: Modern / Fantasy
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Personality: Terrance is a rebellious man who likes to rile up his father and make him mad. The only one he seems to listen to is his mother. He can act like a bit of a goofball at times, and even can be seen as childish.

Likes: Women, piercings, guns, garnish, food, motorcycles, his mom, bounties,
Dislikes: Demons, villains, Jarious, being told what to do,

Name: Koodaray Elsar
Age: Immortal
Race: Goldenwing
Time Period: Medieval / Fantasy
Occupation: Emperor
Personality:Koodaray is very serious and seems to be constantly stressed out. He wears his emotions on his sleeves, and is very sensitive at times. Thinking about his past will often depress him, making him need help from his wife to calm back down. Though at once he was rather stuck up, he has become more humble as time has gone by.

Likes: Breakfast, humans, his wife, children, manners, honesty, family, books, reading
Dislikes: War, battles, death, his scars, villains, past,

Name: Bane
Age: Immortal
Height: 8'0"
Race: Holy / Dark Angelic
Time Period: Medieval / Fantasy
Occupation: General
Personality: Bane is a cold hearted battle hungry brute. He is stern and easily disappointed. He can also be very protective over his offspring and mate. She is the only one who ever sees his kinder gentle side. He is very revengeful as well.

Likes:Eggs, his wife, fighting, blood shed, battle, working out, swords
Dislikes: Weaklings, other males, heros, Goldenwings(my race),

Name: Blood
Age: Immortal
Height: 7'11"
Race: Dark Angelic
Time Period: Medieval / Fantasy
Occupation:War Lord
Personality: He is a sadistic b*****d who is often very tricky. He cares about no one but himself and often takes advantage of women.

Likes: NSFW
Dislikes: Heros, children,

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Thank you for your purchase! Have a great day xd
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cool avi
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I love your avi!!
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your shop
Dr Iceic Report | 01/29/2016 1:59 am
wow. this is actually really cool.
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are you really? gotta make a living on here some how razz
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You are the best sir! Thank you soooooo much!! * cries of happiness *
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Sorry to trouble you, but might I ask what item your hair is from?
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Hey if your frosty air doesn't sell do you think you could give it to me? Or trade something for it [ confused
DaggerLeonelli Report | 02/23/2015 1:03 pm
Sadly my first account got hacked into years ago.

I don't use Gaia as often anymore, it's just not as entertaining.
But, I do like all the new items and clothes....just so expensive.

Asking questions is not rude. Stop thinking it is kids.