Alright, I'm just gonna keep things short here.
For those who'd be interested in checking out my profile.

The name is Kai, been a Member of Gaia since April of 2005.
Kai is currently 22 years of age and has lived in Canada all his life.
Chances are, more often than not, I've no interest in being friends with you. It's nothing against you, I'm just not that much of a friendly person. Generally, my life revolves around gaming. I'm always playing something. So video games tend to be the highlight of most of my conversations.

Protip; I am not interested in a Roleplay of any kind. So please do try and keep your PM's to yourself. Else you just be ignored.

As for gaming, I'm strictly console based. Standing by with Nintendo and Sony, so no, I do not own an Xbox. Though I do have; A PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS & 3DS.
My PSN Card will be posted up and any game requiring Friend Codes might make it here as well.

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|Kai Minase|
|Age 25|

I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow.
Sink into the dreams of sleeping souls.
I dance for the honor of evil.
Dance in the dreams of sleeping souls!