Name: Kaleigh
Nickname: Vera
Gender: female
Age: 22
DOB: October 3rd
Likes: anime, music, reading, hanging out with friends and family.
Dislikes: mean people, hackers, and beggers.

Other things: R.I.P. Jaschelle is my sister who had who passed away in childbirth, from May 25, 1987 - August 21, 2011. I love anime, music, and reading. I'm a christian. I'm an auntie of two nephews and niece. My father had past away on June 27, 2005. I'm a nice girl to talk to and I can be talkative once i get to know you but i'm mostly quite. People say i'm cool but i don't know. I love to hang out with my friends and family. If you want to be friends with me please lets talk first, i DON'T ACCEPT RANDOM FRIEND REQUEST.Not much to say about me really if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

MY quest thread/giveaway

guilds that i'm in:

Love this img it's cute! Thank you YOU_KNOWW


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You're avy is looking so cute!
sick as frick

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sick as frick

thank you for selling ! hehe.
and thank you! i'm about to change my profile because i'm tired of looking at it.
lol but thank you ! i'm glad someone likes it.

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Aw, that's so nice! > 7 <
I bet swimming in the pool feels great in this heat, haha.
Rukia X

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Rukia X

theme is: angelic demon
colors: black, white, gold
price limit: 8 bill
Rukia X

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Rukia X

can you design an avi for me? emotion_kirakira
Rukia X

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Rukia X

i'm alright
Rukia X

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Rukia X

hey Vera biggrin

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aww awesome and thats gonna be so much fun heart heart heart heart

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r u and the kids having a blast xD heart heart heart
A Deathly Affair

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A Deathly Affair

& thanks but she felt a little off ;w;
I need better Teal/Gold items!


Questing the purple items

Wisteria 2nd Gen. 134m / 9b