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Tei Reign
Panda of Justice
Corrupt Heaven
Suntail Wolf
Narcissistic Nihilist
The KyroFreed

My DA is nothing but a HUGE closet
of avatars I've made in the past.
And houses others avatars that I liked
with the permission of User.

Art that I simply adore~

Simple... Hurt them...
And you will Die.

These people below get
first right to speak to me
even if I am busy
Deal with it.

If I say that I love you
That means I have given you a piece
Of my heart

If I say you are my friend, then I trust you.

While in the mean time
I say I love you my friend...
I am trusting you with the piece of my heart.

When my trust and love is broken, expect me to be
Depressed beyond repair.
Because I had loved you enough to give you a part of me.

Listen to the lyrics of the song playing.
It is me.

Oh by the way I'm 23, Bi-sexual and a mother.
Lets not forget to mention, yes I do role play.
A few of my OC's have been claimed by friends.
So watch out.

I have favorites:

Corrupt Heaven- My Madam
Tei Reign- My Big Bad Wolfy
Suntail Wolf- Loving Blue
Swagless- The Doc
King_Masters- My Kingy
The KyroFeed
Leos Shadow- My Puppet Master
Panda of Justice

Claimed OC's:

Vivian Jadar- Tei Reign

Vera Kopek- Corrupt Heaven

Leythy- Suntail Wolf

Onyxia- Saint Beastly