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Hai, my name is Ariane but most of my friends call me Ari or Ria due to same name issues. (• ε •)

•I am a 15 year old immature female
•I have 2 annoying sisters
•I live in the state of California (where the sun doesn't show, questionable I know)
•I have social anxiety, Depression, and I am extremely suicidal
•In my freshman year of High-School I took Spanish so I know bits and pieces of the language
•My (birth) dad whom I'm extremely close to is currently in a different state, and him and my mom are battling for custody.
•I am currently Taken he is amazing. <3
•My favorites are; Dogs, Internet, Sara, and food.. I really like food.

So that was a bit about me just to give you some information about who I am, If you don't think that's a lot just PM me and ask for more!~

(You can also add me on Skype @ishouldslayyou)