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Quibuz Report | 01/12/2014 6:29 pm
Happy Birthday biggrin
Ajihato Kaze Report | 12/23/2013 2:16 pm
Ajihato Kaze
Hello, how're you?
Drk Prince Felix Report | 09/23/2013 5:45 pm
Drk Prince Felix
hi u know we can talk on here in secret n noone will find out!!!!!!! if u need me find me on here..i see u never get on sad
Drk Prince Felix Report | 06/25/2013 4:25 pm
Drk Prince Felix
just stopped by to say hi n i miss you..... rofl pirate evil blaugh blaugh
Drk Prince Felix Report | 06/04/2013 2:38 pm
Drk Prince Felix
Hi miss Bobbie ..gosh ive missed you !!!!! biggrin biggrin
Ang3Lic DC Report | 04/27/2013 8:01 am
Ang3Lic DC
oh hi.. I forgot what I asked to you but thanks for answering anyway... biggrin
A Fitting End Report | 04/19/2013 3:36 pm
A Fitting End
We all need hugs. 3nodding
Aiyana_of_Limdule Report | 04/19/2013 12:22 pm
Thanks, it's kind of a cosplay of my character I created for the Panty & Stocking RP. smile
A Fitting End Report | 04/18/2013 7:36 pm
A Fitting End
I'm so sorry things turned out like that but as you said, it's probably for the best. You have my hugs.
A Fitting End Report | 04/14/2013 9:12 pm
A Fitting End
Been on any adventures while you were away? I fell off the map for a bit myself.

❤I keep it classy not trashy so if you belong on the curb,.... BOUNCE ✂
❤ Can't stand fakers, lairs, cheaters and two faced b✘t✘hes...
❤I love being a mother and a wife. Some say I have an "Old-Soul".
❤Loves Gardening and Cooking all kinds of authentic foods ツ
❤Hates People who stereo-type
❤Certified Medical Assistant who loves drawing blood.. Modern day Vampire!

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