Name:.............. (only true friends know)
Nick name: Night
Age: 25
Birthday: November 10th
Personality: Protective, Romantic, Shy to new people (IRL not on gaia)
Current status: Taken (IRL).

Avi art by GreenTeaOverdrive
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quote: Sex is a Sensation
Caused by Temptation.
A guy sticks his Location
In a girl's Destination
To increase the Population
Of the next Generation
Do you get my Explanation?
Or do you need a Demonstration?

Ok so I had a long a** about me section before and I figured it wasn't needed, anyway heres a bit about me. I live with my boyfriend in Chicago which is much better than where I used to live. I write in my spare time, it's kind of like a hobby of mine since I was a kid. I wanted to be an author but I still haven't finished anything yet though I'm working on it. I play video games, watch anime and listen to music as much as I can. Hm anything else you want to know about me just pm me or comment on my pro.

If you have an xbox one and want to add me send me a message I'll give you my gamer tag.

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