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Proud fundraiser for Pesty Elf's Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza! Feel free to come check them out, hang around, and chat! Donations are appreciated, but always optional.

Please know that asking for gold handouts will get you blocked immediately. I also do not appreciate recieving offers on items I have equipped. Bartering on prices of items in my store is acceptable however,

Thank you for your business!


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I like to write poetry, but this will just be a random, whatever I want to say, or remind myself of kind of thing.

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I've been needing to edit this dang thing for 3 years... I'll get to it eventually. Till then, just a bit of guild advertisement...

To those wondering what happened to my aquarium: My profile's been having issues for a long while now, and when I accidently removed the "My Aquarium" section from my profile, it wouldn't let me re-add it... I really need to get my profile repaired by the mods or something, cuase it's really buggy... -_-;



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Cat Sapphire Report | 01/21/2017 7:26 pm
Cat Sapphire
The Betrayal Knows My Name
Cat Sapphire Report | 01/20/2017 9:27 pm
Cat Sapphire
One of my good friends has recently pretty much left the site, he's busy with RL stuff, too. You and Bitty are pretty much the only one's I talk to regularly. There is another friend I talk to in PMs.I try to post in forums a bit each time I'm on, but not much chatting goes on there.
I've been watching the anime "The Betrayal Knows My Name". Have you watched it? It's an older one, I read the manga a couple of years ago.
Cat Sapphire Report | 01/19/2017 8:30 pm
Cat Sapphire
rolls eyes
See! I told you, lol. I do have a big friends list, but so many aren't active any more. You're right, we need to get out there and make some new friends...but you know what? I like the ...umm..two friends I that I usually chat with!
It's ridiculous to try to find items. There are so many any more I just don't try. Sometimes I'll see something I like on someones avi and hope they allow their equipped items to be seen.
Cat Sapphire Report | 01/19/2017 7:50 pm
Cat Sapphire
Pfft, shows what you know. Most of my comments are from you! I pine away all day just waiting for a nice compliment or friendly hello from you. emotion_kirakira
I rarely keep up with new items.and haven't had anything much catch my eye lately.
Cat Sapphire Report | 01/18/2017 7:54 pm
Cat Sapphire
Yay! You're back heart
I'm glad you're able to be online again. Gaia is pretty dull without you!
Cat Sapphire Report | 01/15/2017 5:23 pm
Cat Sapphire
Lol, thanks! Just changed it. How ya doing, love?
Cat Sapphire Report | 01/10/2017 7:30 pm
Cat Sapphire
Sorry that your new year has been bad so far. What's been going on?
Cat Sapphire Report | 12/31/2016 5:54 pm
Cat Sapphire
Thanks, hon. Happy New Year!
Cat Sapphire Report | 12/27/2016 5:28 pm
Cat Sapphire
-blushes with pleasure- You're very sweet, ya know.
Cat Sapphire Report | 12/24/2016 9:11 pm
Cat Sapphire
Merry Christmas! Thank-you for the wonderful gift!

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