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    ... I can never find a good way to begin writing something - anything! -, so I'll take my precious' advice, mix it with a feature of a pretty popular series and ... here we are:


    ¤ I come from a little European country that, despite her size, has played a great role in history, gifting much to today's world. I guess that, as kids, we never appreciated her importance!

    ¤ I guess you could say that, as a kid, I was your typical nerd - and I would never imagine that I was one! Favourite thing as a kid? Reading, reading, reading! Of course, playing board games with my elementary school sweetheart used to be my best of all things, but then he moved to another city and I didn't want to play with anyone else! xD I used to do gymnastics as well, but, yes, reading was my big love.

    ¤ The only books I didn't get to finish were "The Brothers Karamazov", by F. Dostoyevsky, at the age of 11 and "The Name of the Rose", by U. Eco, at the age of 12. I must admit that I never decided to retry to read any of them since then, even though I have read several other books written by those two authors.

    ¤ Besides reading... yes, yes, there were some favourite cartoons - and early age anime! I was a sucker - and still am! - for Iga-no Kabamaru and Thundercats. Oh yes, and Candy Candy, but seeing her kissing with a boy back then would make me go "EWEWEWEW EW!". This takes me so many years back~

    ¤ Also, yes, I used to play boys' games. Mostly boys' board games, simplified, board versions of today's D'n'D pen and paper games. My brother used to own a Gameboy - and then a PS, then several PS2, then a PC, then a PS3... - but most of those years, I would just sit next to him and watch him play. A very particular game, several years later and only seven years ago, led me to become a gamer.
    Of course, I had my dolls and their dresses and stuff, but what's the fun when you can always "kinda LARP" with your little brother, bringing to reality the games you play on the board?

    ¤ Also, I had a thing for vampires, as many other children. "The Little Vampire" book series at first, I moved to the forever classic "Dracula", by B. Stoker, and several others, some of them good, some of them terrible. Dracula still is my favourite one, but Coppola's movie ruined it. Dracula never had feeling for Mina Harker - or any other woman... Also, I loved "Salem's Lot", by S. King. Today's vampires... pffft. The magic was lost after the Daywalker. The "Angel" series is still under consideration!

    ¤ Also, at the age of 8, I fell in love with David Bowie, as the Goblin King in "Labyrinth". The movie was fairly new back then and we had it on VHD and I would drive my mother crazy, watching the movie every single day, for several months. Then a new movie came out and I found another reason to weep like an idiot: Edward Scissorhands. Thankfully, I didn't have any other actor obsession until my 15 years: Antonio Banderas used to be some eye candy!

    ¤ As a teenager, I was a bit more... "normal". Well, besides the fact that I did 100 different things along with school

    The basics though:

    ͼ I was introduced to rock music by my teenage love, later one of my best friends. Favourite band at that time? Bon Jovi. Shush, Bon Jovi rocks... on occasion.

    ͼ Best friends at that time? Not the best ever, but I realized that after my high school graduation. I don't keep in touch with any of them. I guess I was too naive for many years

    ͼ At times when I was quite upset or angry, I would have my ears pierced. I put a stop when I had my nose pierced at 19 years, when I broke up after a 1 1/2 years relationship. Today I count 9 piercings on my ears and a nose one.

    ͼ A Stephen King crazy fan. CRAZY FAN. Though, most of the movies based on his books, they suck big time!

    ͼ Oh, yes. I hated "Titanic". I still don't get why people went so crazy over this movie.

    ͼ I used to stargaze and study cosmology by myself. Meh, I still do!

    ͼ What I wanted to become? A forensic surgeon or a civil advocate. None of the above happened and I guess I'll never know if I'll ever regret it.

    ͼ I used to be a Greenpeace member. You know, one of those nosey people that make you sign petitions for the rescue of tropical forests or dolphins. It seems that it affected the choices of my university studies. Not that I've managed to save anything yet - including myself!


    ¤ I ended up studying Environmental Engineering. I love my discipline, my country obviously doesn't: After 8 months of working for free for my municipality, I worked there with a one-year contract, I made my own office which is getting shut down at the moment, after two years of no contracts at all. Things in Greece are pretty bad, so the plan is... There is no plan! For the time being, at least. Unless we find ourselves in some other country, someday. Who knows?

    ¤ Best friends? Sure, but not the old ones. I have three best friends in real life and one best friend - more of a sister - online - yes, yes, Sarita, that's you! M. and Sarita literally know every little thing that goes on in my life - everything! I love them all equally and the funniest part? None of them lives anywhere close to me! They're either in another city or in another country! Damn I want to see you! Well, the three... I get to meet with them in the summertime and Christmas, as for Sarita... there's a plan - not so close in the future, but definitely a plan! - to actually meet with my little, crazy sis <3

    ¤But Gaia didn't send me only a sis.
    I originally discovered Gaia back in 2007. I didn't stay much, back then. I made another account in 2008, but the final and permanent stay of me in here happened in 2009, after a really ugly breakdown of mine.
    And then I met my man; friends at first but quite fast we felt the bond between us. Today, we are together for 4 years and live together for 3,5 years and I can't imagine my life any better than it is <3 UPDATE: On the 24th of July, 2013, we're getting married. We would never imagine that this would come so soon, and no, we're not pregnant or anything; it just happened to get bored of our parents moaning all the time xD But.... but it turned out that we enjoy this whole mess after all! O;

    ¤ Mmm... In Gaia, I found a nice home in the Word Games. And a lot of great people became friends. I talk with some of them, and not that much with others. The reason behind that is that most of the times I feel that I don't fit in and I face some difficulties at beginning a conversation. This doesn't mean that I don't smile and feel some warmth whenever I'm among the family.

    ¤ Oh, and one last thing concerning Gaia. Yes, I do realize that my avatars are slutty. And yes, I've faced several negative reactions, even among the WGers. But... who cares? As long as my man and me love our avatars, everything else is trivial. Simple as that - no funny plots, I'm not a guy trying to trick other guys or anything similar!

    Other random stuff about me:

    ¤ I still read quite much. Many books have made me dream, but the number one storyteller for me is Salman Rushdie - followed by other Indian and Latin American authors. Just a genius, I've travelled in every little corner of India through his stories - and not only India.

    ¤ My taste in music hasn't changed much, meaning that rock and metal still rock my world. I like other genres as well, but... them old, classic rockers will always get my feet off the ground!
    And then there's latin music. Latin music is good! Can't stop dancing it!

    ¤ I've got to admit that I'm clueless when it comes to anime or manga. I've read / watched very few of them and the only one that I haven't quit is One Piece. So, yes, when I read something about a manga / anime, I simply can't follow the convo! No, Pokémon don't work as well!

    ¤ I can safely say that nowadays I'm a "s-s-serious" gamer. I don't play many games, but I guess I was dedicated enough to my guild in WoW to make me the recruitment officer... But yes, I play some games, but mostly WoW. As here in Gaia, Papuii and me play together in WoW and I can assure you that doing some epic heroic raids standing next to each other... it's really something <3

    ¤ Papuii and me watch series. "How I met your Mother", "Fringe", "Game of Thrones" and "Supernatural". Papuii says that I love Supernatural so much because of the music in it. Yes, yes, I love them songs and I hope I'll hear some Zeppelin songs there someday, but the series is awesome anyways!

    ¤ There are several actors that rock my world as well. I won't go for the classic ones, who doesn't admire Al Pacino or Robert De Niro? But I would like to share who rocked my TV lately, not for the first time... Emma Thompson brings tears in my eyes every time I watch "Sense and Sensibility". Her acting throughout the whole movie won't touch you much, but combining it with her acting in the last confrontation scene of Elinor and Edward... pure magic and a silly Veevee crying like an idiot!

    ¤ I like flowers with their roots in the ground. And I don't like diamond jewellery. I guess Papuii is a lucky man!

    ¤ Google Earth is the digital teacher for geographically illiterate people. I love Google Earth! I can spend hours and hours in there, earth globe or sky one, it doesn't matter!

    ¤ Lately, I fell in love with the art of bonsai. This definitely doesn't mean that I see myself as a bonsaist yet, but I do love and care the two Ficus Ginseng bonsai trees of mine. Soon I'll have in my hands a small olive tree that I intend to turn into a bonsai, and some seeds that, with much care and love, might become fine little trees after some years.
    The feeling of caring and communicating with those little fellas.. it'll sound funny, but you gain inner peace. It's amazing!

    ¤ Last but not least, I believe that everybody deserves to be treated with respect and good intentions. No matter if they wrong you in the end, at least you'll have your conscience clean - and you'd have treated them as you would want to be treated.

    So, yes. This is the first time I talk so much about me, but sister dragged me down this road. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!



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