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I will accept Roleplay invites or messages, but please give me some information about your character or interest in settings.
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The type of roleplaying I am mostly interested in currently is Fantasy - Medieval, this would involve non-futuristic play, though if we could manage to fit in some story then that would work out fine.

I am currently open and willing to roleplay with those who wish to do the same, I do try to cover all types of roleplay, you just have to inform me on what type it is you're interested in, whether it be Romance or Dark, I would like to know beforehand.


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OOC ~ About me

21 / Bi (Male Pref) / Roleplayer

Hey, on this I will explaining some things about my self that surely are of great interest.. atleast I believe so because you're reading this. anyway, lets start off with what you could call me, though of course Veastial or any variations of that is completely fine with me, nick/pet names are pretty nice too ~ I do enjoy creativity in being called different things than what is shown..I do often change my Avatar, but I am some times on longer than others.

I am often in Towns(1) and every now and then in Towns(2).. I some times go AFK for long periods of times, though that would normally mean I'm just not on my computer, I do move around to do other things, anyway..

My personality would be pretty Flirty, Witty, very playful.. usually cheery.. I do get serious or mad at times, but anyone does really, but I am easy spoken and usually am very talkative.

Anyway, get to know me, I could either be a good friend or a very irritable one, you decide, but don't say I didn't warn ya~

More than likely going to be changing this or Adding more.


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