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Occupation: Drinking

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:Here you will find information about my self:

OBSESSED with Final Fantasy XIV
Recently got Dragon Age Inquisition

_|Contact information|_
Skype : Greeadous
PSN (PS4) : Ask
Steam : Ask
Secondlife : Ask
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Gender : Male
Sexuality : Depends
Age : 21
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_|Who I am as a person|_

Constantly flirting

The type of person I would consider my self is someone who is mostly balanced, in other words, I'm not overly aggressive nor am I overly sensitive, I like to believe I'm neutral until some thing were to phase that, of course, I do enjoy chatting with people of all types and don't restrict my self from possible positivity in my life, I'm the type of person who would rather be around many people than none, very social, I'm open to the idea of talking about many topics.

I am big on Roleplay, I do enjoy getting a message or two from a possible Roleplay, so please do engage me in a roleplay if you feel up to it, I will normally reply to what I'm given as soon as I see it, I'm either roleplaying as My Character or my Avatar, it depeds on the situation.

My Avatars do not mean that I'm in a negative mood, they don't mean I'm a brute or anything in the negative aspect, I'm quite positive, I just enjoy having Dark Themed avatars, nothing much else, got to love Beasts and Demons.
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[RP-C] Raclaw Barskih

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