Yaarrrghh!!! I be the one known as Pirate boy Niall,and my scurvy sea dod of a friend Peg Leg Pete.We call him that on the account that he has a glass eye Yarrrghh harghh harrghh!!I be a skating,painting,gaming,"dreaded" pirate know throughout the lands of Nottingham,by my famous ruffled shirt of pirateness Yarrgghhh harrgghh harrgghh!! If ye wants to know more about thee dont hesitate to pm me.Yarrgghhh this pirate just made a rime Yaarrgghh haaarrrghh harrgghh!!!

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Name: Castas
Level: 5
Hp/Mp: 300/100
Race: Human
Sub-Race: na
Weapons: Musket,Cutlass,Boot Knife
Gadgets:Robot Parrot,Flying Galleon with hidden gadgets
Skills razz illaging,Sharp Shooting,Treasure Hunting,Sword Training + more

Background: Raised by his military obsessed naval captain of a farther, Castas had discipline and weapons training drilled into him at a young age. When his farther was summoned to lead his naval fleet to war against an armada of marauding pirates that was about to bare down on the small village of his birth, Castas snuck onto his ship to see his farther in action. Filled with grand stories of his father’s previous heroic victories, Castas was filled with awe as the cannon balls began to raw.

But this would not be another victory to be remembered for generations. Instead it would be a bitter defeat that would remain bitter on the tongues of all who remember it. With his father’s fleet destroyed, Castas was found washed up floating on a piece of debris. When Castas awoke, he found himself on a ship that was of an unfamiliar décor.

As Castas wondered around his accommodations, he soon discovered that there were officer’s medals and military trophies everywhere. As Castas scanned his way across the medals, he found the one thing he didn’t want to see. His hands shook and his heart sank as he picked up a medal with his father’s name inscribed into it ‘Captain Don Keego’

As he gripped his father’s medal tightly in his hand he made his way to the door. As he opened it he was confronted by the Captain of the ship. With an intense look in his eyes the Captain gave Castas an ultimatum, ‘Join his crew of merciless pirates and forget his past, or walk the plank!’ After much anguish and thought, Castas came to the decision that he would join the pirates and turn his back on his past.

Castas walked onto the main deck with the Captain looming over his shoulder, and saw the rest of the crew were waiting to hear the decision. The Captain stepped forward and placed his hand on Castas’ shoulder and shouted to the crew “Here be our new shipmate lads! He has put his past behind him and has chosen to become one of us! Seeming as his name isn’t of the standard of a true pirate, me thinks he needs a new one. So lads give a warm pirates welcome to the newest member of our family, Castas!”

After years of being trained in the ways of the pirate, Castas was deemed ready to leave the Captain and the rest of the pirates and begin his own band of pirates. As his leaving gift from the Captain and the others, Castas was presented with his very own Galleon and enough booty to last him for the long months ahead of him on his journey to Gaia.


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come on you old man when are you going to see hi

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happy bday! its mah moms bday to

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Ah, pirates.....they make me happy inside..... smile

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ya that 1 comes first. do u like twilight??

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well i think all accents are cute. expessally uk and australia <3

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ur welcome. so u live in the uk, huh?? ur lucky. i want a uk accent =((

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lol i luv the "about" column.
u do sound like a pirate

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i will love him forever

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i LUV him! im obsessed with him

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well not really but ok
johnny depp is mah fave pirate <3


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