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Welcome everyone! biggrin
I hope you find something you like! heart
I will basically just be selling things that I don't want here, so that I can get things that I do want! 3nodding
I guarantee the lowest prices! 3nodding
Thank you for stopping by and come again! ^_^ heart


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Hello Everyone! emotion_c8 I'm Shyanne, but all my friends call me Shy. 3nodding I'm not really shy though, unless I'm meeting someone for the first time or if I'm put on the spot to like sing or something stare lol I'm very friendly and pretty easy to talk to emotion_c8 I'M A LESBIAN! scream I usually have no interest in the male population. But I would love to be your friend, which I am very great at being. emotion_c8 I am trustworthy, honest, and I give great advice if you're ever in need 3nodding I'm a Wiccan, which does not mean I go around cursing people and making them fall in love with me. stare Leave your misunderstandings where you are and if you are interested in truly learning what Wicca is, I would love to discuss it with you. emotion_c8 But not if your going to misjudge me and use stereotypes to insult me. scream I love to write. I write poems and erotic stories mostly. I love to draw as well, but anime mostly. Other than English, I can speak Spanish and Japanese. I also speak a bit of German, but not much. I'm still learning. I am very open minded and I love meeting new people and learning new things. emotion_c8

Exceptional Friends and Art For me! <3

heart Sorril is by far one if my best friends on Gaia and he has helped me so much on Gaia. He has sent me over 3,000 Bitter Frost and Endless Seed RIGs which has helped me get countless monthly collectibles and helped immensely with my quest. We talk almost everyday and I'm never bored. So if you're reading this Sorril, thanks for everything. It means so much to me to have you as a friend and I am so thankful and grateful for everything you've done for me heart

heart xXI_AM_YOKOXx is another one of my best friends on here as well. Since first getting to know her, she has been very generous and is always there when I need someone to talk to! She has helped me so much with my quest and I help with hers whenever I can too! I am so grateful and thankful to have her as a friend! heart

heart ProCATstination is a special case of friendship here on Gaia. We met on here many years ago when I first started my monthly collectible quest and I took a hiatus from Gaia. When I returned, we started talking once again and found out she knew my girlfriend and that we went to the same college together and graduated the same year! We met for the first time at ToraCon at RIT in Rochester and we've been friend ever since. I always think of our friendship as magical since it seems like fate brought us together! I'm so happy to have her in my life and she makes me feel truly blessed heart

heart Art made for me heart

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By Crisparma

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By Huozai Hou of me and xXI_AM_YOKOXx

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By Mochiiu

User Image
By WuackWuack

User Image
By Mog Craft

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By Zinnii

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By JKDreamer

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By Peanutters

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By Peanutters

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By Peanutters

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By Hottie yoko


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Photographer: Marissa Lockard <3 (yes this is actually me lol)
Shyanne. 23. Lesbian. Taken. <3
Model. Wiccan. Singer. Poet. Erotica Writer. Burlesque Kitten <3
Insta: queenoftheshadows713 <3
Quest Thread
Current Quest: Shadows of My Soul Form <3
Progress: 33b / 45b </3 crying
Any help is much appreciated! <3



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Lordouss Report | 04/26/2017 9:59 am
omg that sounds amazing, ya I had crumbled some up and put it in my salad, and it was so yummie I didn't even need salad dressing cause of the flavor. omg.
Lordouss Report | 04/26/2017 9:37 am
yes they did and omg it was amazing, it has so much flavor and its so freaking good, I think I'm gonna buy them out for real cause I'm hooked on them. lol hmm sounds interesting. cant wait to find out. lol
Lordouss Report | 04/25/2017 6:46 am
omg you are a god. that bacon is amazing. ugh. please tell me more wonderful things I have been missing out on my whole life. heart
Sorril Report | 04/24/2017 1:50 pm
Heya Shy. I totally got burned in my phone interview for a permanent position. I have another potential contract job, but, I am really pissed at the moment because the skill the recruiter wanted they could have taught me in less than 30 minutes, but, they didn't want to bother...
Sorril Report | 04/20/2017 6:49 pm
Hope you are doing well! Haven't heard from you in a while!
Sorril Report | 04/19/2017 10:36 am
Got a company 'on the hook' for a potential job. Pay rate for the position is awesome. Lets see if my bad luck holds and they never get back to me for an interview...
Sorril Report | 04/19/2017 10:35 am
Sorril Report | 04/18/2017 4:27 pm
I just check in to see the angry comments people send me from my forum posts twisted
Sorril Report | 04/18/2017 7:04 am
Heya ShyAnne! Happy Belated Easter to you toooooooo!
Been working on the yard haven't been on the computer much!
Hope you are Well!
Sorril Report | 04/16/2017 6:53 pm
Happy Easter! blaugh