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Hi I am Kaitlin!
I do art sometimes. Mostly just wander and I don't care much for staying on for too long of periods.
If I am here it is probably because I love Lindsey

The background on my profile was made by the very lovely and talented Katurn.

"We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us." ღ


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D r u p n i r Report | 04/11/2017 10:48 am
D r u p n i r
hai blaugh
Aeari Report | 03/17/2017 1:24 am
True. It's strange how the majority of gaia is full of people over 21 but the demographic is still to appeal to the -18 crowd.
I'm great actually, life is good right now. How about you?
Aeari Report | 03/17/2017 1:21 am
hard to beat actual nipples! it really is a nice art piece though
Aeari Report | 03/17/2017 12:57 am
came on your page to comment; didn't expect the female artwork. emotion_yatta
Ma Ajmala Report | 12/17/2016 3:53 pm
Ma Ajmala
No xmas plans, just working. working working lol gonk

what about you?
Ma Ajmala Report | 12/14/2016 11:18 pm
Ma Ajmala
heart heart
Moonlit Report | 10/06/2016 6:40 pm
If you like hot amazons, you would have loved my ex. cat_4laugh
Ma Ajmala Report | 09/01/2016 4:21 pm
Ma Ajmala
lol i just saw you online wanted to say hi thats all xd

not a lot just working wahmbulance you?
Ma Ajmala Report | 08/31/2016 7:01 pm
Ma Ajmala
heart heart
Iavish Report | 04/15/2016 2:38 pm
Thanks KAIT! Love you. Miss you. Hope you're doing well. heart heart


annotations is my applebuddy
I suck at this game, but I have some pretty cool friends c:
Iavish is my lady love~ <3