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Gender: Female

Location: UK

Birthday: 07/29

Occupation: Student


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| Shinigami | Baking fanatic | Manga & Horror Movie enthusiast |

Hi there
I'm Vannequin but Vanne or Vannie are fine too.
You're probably better off asking me questions, I'm not good at this stuff haha. Hmmm let's see...
I really like scythes, you'll rarely see my avi without one or some other weapon.
I'm waiting for Gaia to make an achievement featuring the titles 'Reaper' or 'Shinigami'. I'd be on that so fast!
I like to help out friends when I can, so don't be afraid to ask. Even if you just need someone to listen. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
I change my avi way too much but avi art is always welcome!

Forever Questing: Scythes & SDPlus dolls.

Join the purple campaign! No seriously. Do it!



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Please don't thank me for buying from your store C: thank you for selling.


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I'll be using this space to document various Gaia related bits and bobs.