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"Welcome to my shop! Would you like something while browsing?"
emotion_kirakira Welcome! I am getting rid of things from my inventory, things I do not really use anymore. Hope you find something you like; I try to keep my prices lower than what everyone else is selling them for or for what I paid for them. CHECK OUT MY OUTFITS AS WELL. Thanks for buying and come again!
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During 8:00 PM-11:00 AM EDT I won't be able to reply to you
emotion_8c IF NOTHING SELLS, I WILL DONATE IT TO THE DUMPSTER. //except for items that cost a lot of gold. YOU ARE WELCOME TO MAKE AN OFFER ON ANYTHING. I accept BOTH gold and Gaia cash heart
Sometimes I'll let you have the item if something happens, or if I really don't want the money c:


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