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Birthday: 12/31

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Who is Sweet Vittoria?

'A Slishy Slash, a dark red Gash, That's Lady Toria's Teeth
Spy to spy her blood red eyes, have you running down the street
No time to cry, just time to die, the Splishy Splash of Human Meat'

Yes I arpee!
Name: Vittoria Vittoli
Race: Vampire
Title & Nicknames: Vit, Toria, Tori, Songstress, Siren, Enchantress
Age: Appears to be in her early twenties, but is really over 300 years old
Height: 5'4

Brief description of how she looks: Dark hair, a deep brown red when seen in the light soft and sweet smelling, always typically worn in spiraling downy curls, like shaved chocolate. Her skin is flawless, snowy white like marble, lips petite and curved beautifully to accomodate her heart shaped face. While her eyes were once a beautiful shade of summery blue, they are now a brilliant cherry red, when and if she feeds (which is rare, due to her disliking of the act, she will appear more human, her eyes appearing a deep rose pink, skin more vivid and warm in tone.)

Strengths: Agility, Berserker strength (despite her size) excelled healing, Intellect, invulnerability, marksmanship, knowledge on all weapons, Omni-lingual, stamina, super smell, super speed, tracking, unarmed combat, has been known to persuade nearly everyone with the sound of her voice.

Weaknesses: While the world is her own to command if she so chose it, she is bound by a chain of rules she must abide by. It is mere speculation, but it is said that somewhere on her body, lies the truth behind her destruction, written in backwards writing, if one were to read it, it would spell her undoing, but like everything, it is just a rumor. Than of course, she isn't particularly fond of fire, or sunlight.

Personality: Sweet and charasmatic, Vittoria is a child of the arts, and adores performing above all else. While some might believe her at first glance to be pompous and stuffy, Vittoria is hardly that and will be the first to take a romp in the mud, or run free on a beach. Nearly always seen studying, she is both a scientist and dabbles in witchcraft, often utilizing the two into one. She enjoys being a hostess, and enjoys seeing that everyones needs are always met before her own.

History: Born Vittoria Vittoli to a loving middle class family, in Florence Italy, she had the pleasure of attending a woman's finishing school, where she was schooled in the arts, in sciences, literature, among a great many other things. Music had always been one of her favored passions, and at the tender age of 16 she was admitted into the Acadamie De' arts, where she finally finished her internship performing as the leading Diva, playing the role of Lucia in Lucia de Lammermoor. All across Italy her name became known, therefore it was no surprise when the Vampire Gareth and his fellow gypsies fell for her, killing their way to Florence and leaving a bloody trail behind them. It wasn't long before she was kidnapped, and turned. Vittoria and a new friend, Everett (who happened to be immortal through other means) worked to destroy Gareth, believing they did (although later discovers he had escaped with his life) she now lives with her friend, where he serves as confidant and Butler, among many other things. Her recent pursuits besides the arcane arts and sciences, have been two gentlemen in particular, Dorian Morte... a...perhaps THE Grim Reaper, whom she regards as a sort of love interest, and her dearest Gentleman thief Sir Curtis Prise. While often regarded as a delicate flower, Vittoria could also be looked at as a bold woman, brash at times, defiant over who could be considered her superiors, a woman with a vast intelligence, always longing to look beyond the box, when it comes to her studies.

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Requiem Promise Report | 12/31/2014 8:32 am
Requiem Promise

Happy Birthday -hugs
Requiem Promise Report | 11/03/2014 4:10 pm
Requiem Promise
Oooh I like the way your avatar looks. I'll reply sometime soon I hope, just somewhat disgruntled and the like at the moment. -hugs

Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 11/01/2014 11:36 pm
Count Vladimir Dracula
(No problem my dear, I too have been preoccupied lol.)

Dracula happily accompanies his Hostess to her intended destination.
Over the centuries the Count had certainly learned much about the fairer sex, and he was not shy about using his knowledge to deadly ends… Yet this porcelain Lady had nothing to fear from this charismatic killer.

“Not at all my dear..It is only natural to be inquisitive. Especially with a surprise such as this…”

Dracula looks deep into her eyes as the talk; this was done more out of habit than anything.

“..To answer your question, I enjoy visiting various fascinating locals around the world as of late.. and I heard that your show was truly something to be seen.”

Knodighboiur Von Hellsing Report | 10/29/2014 7:19 am
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing
-smiles- i am perfectly well, thank you for asking.
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing Report | 10/27/2014 3:30 am
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing
[[Sorry for late reply sweatdrop ]]
I am fine, and how about you -i kissed her hand-
Hillarie Hana Report | 10/22/2014 9:46 am
Hillarie Hana
yay thank u c:
Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 10/10/2014 10:37 pm
Count Vladimir Dracula
(Why thank you for the wonderful complement smile I rather enjoy reading your posts as well. You paint such a full picture.)

The Count grins as he takes her hand in his, bowing to give the porcelain hand a gentle kiss.

“This is indeed a pleasure.. I do not believe we have met face to face, but you may know me by reputation. My name is Dracula.. Count Dracula…”

The Dark Lord bows with his usual elegant charm.

“..and as I said, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance milady.”
darkiscool2 Report | 10/09/2014 10:32 am
"that gives us a common enemy...the sun." Zazoe said. he sounded abit...happy that his kind hadnt just simply died that some humans reveared them. however given the chance he would give the humans a reason to fear him once more. shaking the thought he looked at Vittoria. "if you need help with anything...just ask..." Zazoe said. his tone kind and calm. he slowly got up though and looked through the crypt as if searching for something. finding a few things he fashioned torches and lit them with a spell making the old cloth light up as he put them on the wall or in cracks to make the place abit more...comfortable. "If this inst your crypt...why are you hiding here?...you dont have to answer im just curious" he'd say a smile on his face but he felt his hunger getting to him. he had yet to drink blood and it had been a long time since he last fed...he just hoped the day ended soon

(I know what you mean i hope it gets better glad to see your alright and stuff though i was worried *hugs )
darkiscool2 Report | 10/09/2014 9:14 am
"we should have been more careful" he said to her. Zazoe could blame the humans all he wanted but in the end he had himself to blame the most. They trusted the humans and were fools to do so paying the price and cementing he was the last.. "my kind...the naga do you know what their history says of us?" he asked wanting to know how his kind was remembered were they the victims or cruelty or monsters that had no minds and deserved death. if that was so then Zazoe could nearly laugh at how reversed it would be. "sorry for taking your time...why are you here? this your crypt?" he asked looking to Victoria. he had went on and on with his story but now he questioned the woman in front of him his eyes having a curious gleam as he was slowly knitting together the human language in his head...trying to make it easier.

(hey just reposting so im not forgotten hope things are going better for you)
Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 10/05/2014 1:31 am
Count Vladimir Dracula
As the enchanting performance comes to a close, the audience stands in applause. The Count joins the enthralled masses in their admiration, rising from his seat himself and politely applauding.
Beautiful..Simply beautiful”, he utters to no one in particular.
The roar of the crowd gradually subsides as Miss Vittoria leaves the stage. With the show over the Count makes his way to the bar—although it is unlikely he would actually order anything
to drink.

(Once again.. sorry for the short post lol)

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"--She with lips of sweetest pain, Lies in wait for you. With the dawn she went away, Before mist veiled the earth, Nothing remained - except for the wounds - The only gift of her..." -'Beautiful Thorn' by Sopor Aeternus ((yes, I RP))


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