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'A Slishy Slash, a dark red Gash, That's Lady Toria's Teeth
Spy to spy her blood red eyes, have you running down the street
No time to cry, just time to die, the Splishy Splash of Human Meat'

Yes I arpee!
Name: Vittoria Vittoli
Race: Vampire
Title & Nicknames: Vit, Toria, Tori, Songstress, Siren, Enchantress
Age: Appears to be in her early twenties, but is really over 300 years old
Height: 5'4

Brief description of how she looks: Dark hair, a deep brown red when seen in the light soft and sweet smelling, always typically worn in spiraling downy curls, like shaved chocolate. Her skin is flawless, snowy white like marble, lips petite and curved beautifully to accomodate her heart shaped face. While her eyes were once a beautiful shade of summery blue, they are now a brilliant cherry red, when and if she feeds (which is rare, due to her disliking of the act, she will appear more human, her eyes appearing a deep rose pink, skin more vivid and warm in tone.)

Strengths: Agility, Berserker strength (despite her size) excelled healing, Intellect, invulnerability, marksmanship, knowledge on all weapons, Omni-lingual, stamina, super smell, super speed, tracking, unarmed combat, has been known to persuade nearly everyone with the sound of her voice.

Weaknesses: While the world is her own to command if she so chose it, she is bound by a chain of rules she must abide by. It is mere speculation, but it is said that somewhere on her body, lies the truth behind her destruction, written in backwards writing, if one were to read it, it would spell her undoing, but like everything, it is just a rumor. Than of course, she isn't particularly fond of fire, or sunlight.

Personality: Sweet and charasmatic, Vittoria is a child of the arts, and adores performing above all else. While some might believe her at first glance to be pompous and stuffy, Vittoria is hardly that and will be the first to take a romp in the mud, or run free on a beach. Nearly always seen studying, she is both a scientist and dabbles in witchcraft, often utilizing the two into one. She enjoys being a hostess, and enjoys seeing that everyones needs are always met before her own.

History: Born Vittoria Vittoli to a loving middle class family, in Florence Italy, she had the pleasure of attending a woman's finishing school, where she was schooled in the arts, in sciences, literature, among a great many other things. Music had always been one of her favored passions, and at the tender age of 16 she was admitted into the Acadamie De' arts, where she finally finished her internship performing as the leading Diva, playing the role of Lucia in Lucia de Lammermoor. All across Italy her name became known, therefore it was no surprise when the Vampire Gareth and his fellow gypsies fell for her, killing their way to Florence and leaving a bloody trail behind them. It wasn't long before she was kidnapped, and turned. Vittoria and a new friend, Everett (who happened to be immortal through other means) worked to destroy Gareth, believing they did (although later discovers he had escaped with his life) she now lives with her friend, where he serves as confidant and Butler, among many other things. Her recent pursuits besides the arcane arts and sciences, have been two gentlemen in particular, Dorian Morte... a...perhaps THE Grim Reaper, whom she regards as a sort of love interest, and her dearest Gentleman thief Sir Curtis Prise. While often regarded as a delicate flower, Vittoria could also be looked at as a bold woman, brash at times, defiant over who could be considered her superiors, a woman with a vast intelligence, always longing to look beyond the box, when it comes to her studies.


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Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 07/17/2014 10:48 am
Count Vladimir Dracula
My dear Miss Vittoria,
It would be my pleasure to grace your opera house with my presence. To tell you the truth it has been far too long since I have attended a good performance. I look forward to my visit with anticipation.

~Count Dracula
Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 07/11/2014 11:02 am
Count Vladimir Dracula
And it has been my pleasure to accept my dear.
Leviathan Holocaust Report | 06/18/2014 10:14 am
Leviathan Holocaust
Yeah,so don't worry about replying,and in case I forget to say,Happy Birthday,my friend!
Leviathan Holocaust Report | 06/17/2014 9:31 am
Leviathan Holocaust
The man in the hat was surprised at how calm she was,and tilted his head when she said that whatever he had done to Chainsaw was unforgivable.Surely,it was a terrible fate for such a great young man,but in his transformation from sane to murderer,the hatted gent had no hand in it. "I never did a thing to the poor boy,he was already divided when I met him" .After explaining the reality of Chainsaw's situation,the man decided to move on and reveal the reason as to why he was there. "Do not worry,my dear" The palm of his gloved hand was shown,it was a sign of honesty. "In this night,no blood shall be shed from my part,and hopefully,not from Chainsaw's either" .With a light chuckle,he placed one hand in his pocket,and the other on the cane again,not that it had ever left that spot. "I ask you not to have that awful impression of me,I'm just a simple messenger,and my mission today is to give you this" .From his pocket,a small ring was pulled out gently.The item was made of silver,with a red gem on the top to match her own style of dressing. "My associate wants you to keep this ring at all times,and if he stands still for a certain amount of time,someone will be sent to the location" .The slim figure shook his head,and looked to the side. "This will not protect you,if the person sent to the location does not find you there,things precious to you will ruin,such as this place".

Handing her the ring,the hatted man tapped his cane twice and Chainsaw would be seen crawling through an open window and disappearing on the roof of her classy building.With a gentle bow,the man tipped his hat down and began to walk away,twirling his cane as usual,with a relaxed and gentle aura around him.When he would return was unknown,but the idea of him would never fade,that was certain.

{{I think I'm going to pass our RPing activities to Lady Cabaret,you know,a 'fresh start'}}
Leviathan Holocaust Report | 06/10/2014 9:23 am
Leviathan Holocaust
The tall gent was amused to see her trying to defend the boy,it was cute act of kindness that wouldn't really work,there was much darker thing going on,but of course,how could she know? The boy was indeed sweet. "Oh,surely,my dear,but first,I need a friend to stand watch" .If one were to look at Alexander,they would see a confused male,just staring at the situation slowly making his way out of the booth,fortunately for them,it was nothing but a timed bomb.The man in the hat nodded to the kid and simply said. "Chainsaw,my friend,it is time" .Like a password,the phrase worked,the boy stood still and his eyes became clear like snow,the right one went orange and the other,blue.His slightly worried expressions turned into a sickening grin that grew violently,a toothy smile that simply tore through his cheeks until the tip reached his ears literally,and talking about teeth,his grew sharper,and the canines became as long as snake fangs,all changed,the boy was no more,only a beast stood in his place.Alexander was locked deep into the mind of the maniac as the same covered his face with the hoody,only his eyes and all below his nose were visible.

The hatted man chuckled. "Keep watch from here,eat food and not the humans,please,that may come later" .Like a gentleman,he gave the people there a bow since most were looking and just departed from the building,expecting the woman to follow as he made his way to the entrance.Before actually stepping out the structure,he,or it,pulled out a pocket watch and stared at it as if eyes were on that dark void.He there stood,and once the woman was within hearing range,the man spoke on Alexander's behalf. " Do not blame the poor kid for being a ruthless monster,he is just an innocent with a hidden mind,he doesn't even know he has it" .Looking down as if thinking sad things,the being whispered. "Truly unfair" .He then raised his head so an eye to eye conversation would be possible between Vittoria and himself.
Leviathan Holocaust Report | 06/09/2014 10:55 am
Leviathan Holocaust
The boy was satisfied to see he had caught her attention,mainly her interest in his speech.At her words,the blonde gave a laugh and looked down a bit before gazing back to her with a friendly smile. "I do both,actually,it's a job that pays well and keeps me well fed" .With a chuckle,the male ended,happy to hear her next words. "Do not worry,I'm sure we will be able to talk a lot more so freely,I don't have plans of leaving so soon,you know?" .The air was clear and their minds were happy,but a different gaze appeared in the boy's eyes,the joy stood still,but a new object caught his attention,something coming from behind his new friend.It was too far to be noticed,but close enough for him to know it was there,there was no mistake.Soon,he just finished his soup and simply exhaled,seemingly full with the glorious meal,this place sure was something,with experienced cooks and everything,just majestic.For a while,he stood still,but then the look came back,and this time,there was a reflection in his brown eyes,the classy fellow had finally arrived.

With a tap from his cane,the man introduced himself before the female could look behind her back. "Hello,my dear,how long has it been since our last encounter?" .With a firm,gentle voice,the familiar being spoke to Vittoria.If she were to look,the figure would stand taller than most men in the room,with a black suit,white shirt under,red tie and the aways perfectly tilted hat,as dark as the night.The top hat was black,with a white stripe running around the base.The cane was different,a dark wood with a metallic tip,probably made from silver,and where the hand rested,stood a perfect full moon sculpture,fine alabaster stone.The gent would take his time for her to pull together if it was needed,he had a lot of time to kill,of course.
Leviathan Holocaust Report | 06/03/2014 11:06 am
Leviathan Holocaust
Alexander chuckled at her bsing and simply shook his head,it was funny to see her action,like an old lady trying to adapt to the new days,cute.He was taking another taste of his soup when the woman's voice reached his ears again through words,and in the form of a question,had he ever been to France. "Oh yes,it was a curious place for me,but never got adapted" .He truthfully said while looking to her in a interested pose,showing he was enjoying the subject through basic human body language.The boy would laugh as soon as he saw her reaction to his brazil adventure,quite the wild ride. "Brazil was indeed beautiful,too bad most green areas are being taken over by civilization,like buildings,streets and common houses for the common people" .Alexander noticed how he made the country she found 'wild and romantic' seem boring and dry so he quickly picked himself up and sat up straight. "That doesn't mean it has lost the great views though,it still remains as wild and romantic as you can imagine if you choose the right locations" .With a bright smile,he continued and was happy at how he managed to correct his bad choice of arguments.After a brief moment,she had replied to his last question about her hobbies,and was seemingly impressed by her responce. She had the job one would take years to actually do right and her looks were so young,that match was amazing. "Me?I like dancing a bit,not that great by the way...But besides music,dancing and traveling around,I like to take jobs most would not take,like finding missing people,even though most of the times,they haven't really left the sight of those looking for them" .With glowing smile,he told her while taking a sip from his soup with the spoon,his dark brown eyes were focused on her gentle expression.
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 05/30/2014 2:46 pm
Sir Curtis Prise
Oh no that's silly, of course I'll pay you more than that!
I can't wait to see it, thank you so much!
Feline Dominatrix Report | 05/30/2014 6:37 am
Feline Dominatrix
(( Sure. ^^ ))
Second Chance at Fate Report | 05/30/2014 5:26 am
Second Chance at Fate
That's what I've been thinking about, too. Keep one profile, switch up with whomever I'm RPing with at the moment. And, again, thanks. A lot of people seem to like my Freeze. I was going to debut this in an RP the other day, and then an older Freeze RPer popped up on my profile and added me, so I decided to keep this one as a spare instead of as a major player. But, you know, time will tell and what not.

This has been a lot of help, talking with you about this character. Part of why I chose this name was, even though it was very Two-Face centered, it's a bit ambiguous, and could be used for just about any Batman rogue.


"--She with lips of sweetest pain, Lies in wait for you. With the dawn she went away, Before mist veiled the earth, Nothing remained - except for the wounds - The only gift of her..." -'Beautiful Thorn' by SA


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