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Who is Sweet Vittoria?

'A Slishy Slash, a dark red Gash, That's Lady Toria's Teeth
Spy to spy her blood red eyes, have you running down the street
No time to cry, just time to die, the Splishy Splash of Human Meat'

Yes I arpee!
Name: Vittoria Vittoli
Race: Vampire
Title & Nicknames: Vit, Toria, Tori, Songstress, Siren, Enchantress
Age: Appears to be in her early twenties, but is really over 300 years old
Height: 5'4

Brief description of how she looks: Dark hair, a deep brown red when seen in the light soft and sweet smelling, always typically worn in spiraling downy curls, like shaved chocolate. Her skin is flawless, snowy white like marble, lips petite and curved beautifully to accomodate her heart shaped face. While her eyes were once a beautiful shade of summery blue, they are now a brilliant cherry red, when and if she feeds (which is rare, due to her disliking of the act, she will appear more human, her eyes appearing a deep rose pink, skin more vivid and warm in tone.)

Strengths: Agility, Berserker strength (despite her size) excelled healing, Intellect, invulnerability, marksmanship, knowledge on all weapons, Omni-lingual, stamina, super smell, super speed, tracking, unarmed combat, has been known to persuade nearly everyone with the sound of her voice.

Weaknesses: While the world is her own to command if she so chose it, she is bound by a chain of rules she must abide by. It is mere speculation, but it is said that somewhere on her body, lies the truth behind her destruction, written in backwards writing, if one were to read it, it would spell her undoing, but like everything, it is just a rumor. Than of course, she isn't particularly fond of fire, or sunlight.

Personality: Sweet and charasmatic, Vittoria is a child of the arts, and adores performing above all else. While some might believe her at first glance to be pompous and stuffy, Vittoria is hardly that and will be the first to take a romp in the mud, or run free on a beach. Nearly always seen studying, she is both a scientist and dabbles in witchcraft, often utilizing the two into one. She enjoys being a hostess, and enjoys seeing that everyones needs are always met before her own.

History: Born Vittoria Vittoli to a loving middle class family, in Florence Italy, she had the pleasure of attending a woman's finishing school, where she was schooled in the arts, in sciences, literature, among a great many other things. Music had always been one of her favored passions, and at the tender age of 16 she was admitted into the Acadamie De' arts, where she finally finished her internship performing as the leading Diva, playing the role of Lucia in Lucia de Lammermoor. All across Italy her name became known, therefore it was no surprise when the Vampire Gareth and his fellow gypsies fell for her, killing their way to Florence and leaving a bloody trail behind them. It wasn't long before she was kidnapped, and turned. Vittoria and a new friend, Everett (who happened to be immortal through other means) worked to destroy Gareth, believing they did (although later discovers he had escaped with his life) she now lives with her friend, where he serves as confidant and Butler, among many other things. Her recent pursuits besides the arcane arts and sciences, have been two gentlemen in particular, Dorian Morte... a...perhaps THE Grim Reaper, whom she regards as a sort of love interest, and her dearest Gentleman thief Sir Curtis Prise. While often regarded as a delicate flower, Vittoria could also be looked at as a bold woman, brash at times, defiant over who could be considered her superiors, a woman with a vast intelligence, always longing to look beyond the box, when it comes to her studies.

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Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 09/29/2014 10:40 pm
Count Vladimir Dracula
(Well I saw a few typos lol Oh well, I hope you enjoy the post anyway.)
Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 09/29/2014 10:37 pm
Count Vladimir Dracula
(Sorry for the short post, classes have started again..and to put it bluntly I am all written out Ha ha.)

A black carriage clatters its way through the moonlit streets, an olive skinned man adorned in shawls and scarves sat atop the carriage leading a team of large dark horses. The carriage itself was the very definition of elegance; the carriage itself was masterfully carved in an amalgamation of the Victorian and Gothic styles, above the doors on either side resided a large elegantly carved D. The windows were adorned with black velvet drapes, which kept the interior of the cab shrouded in darkness. Two lamps burned brightly in front..yet with an oddly eerie light.
Inside the cabin in quiet comfort sat a dark figure, the man being non-other than the Lord of Shadows himself…Count Dracula. The Count still preferred to travel in this way, even in these days of “modern convenience”; nothing ever truly swayed him away from the niceties’ of the old world.
The driver begins to slow the team as they approached their Master’s desired destination.. Floating Pagoda. Coming to a full stop in front of the grand building the driver puts aside the rains and makes his way down to the street. The Gypsy man opens the ornate cab door, and promptly bows in respect of his Master. With the clack of a walking cane hitting the step the Count came into view as he immerged from the shadows…
Turning to the young man the Count simply says, “You have done well.. I will call for you when you are needed again.”
With a silent nod of the head the Driver shut the door once more and regained his seat, taking the carriage back into the shadows of the dark streets.
With that the Count makes his way to the bridge, all the while enjoying the ambiance of the fine establishment that was to host the event that he had been invited to attend…

Requiem Promise Report | 09/16/2014 1:22 pm
Requiem Promise

Aw okay that's a lot of waiting though ;u;''

Requiem Promise Report | 09/15/2014 4:17 pm
Requiem Promise

Okay. I just didn't want you to be stuck waiting on a post for so long. @n@ -hugs you

Requiem Promise Report | 09/15/2014 1:37 am
Requiem Promise

-hugs you- I'm sorry I've been so lax with answering you, work has kept me busy along with my friends.

Requiem Promise Report | 09/05/2014 11:17 am
Requiem Promise
They were right to the point once things got sorted. I'm gonna work at a deli too, just been a bit sore since I got my wisdom teeth out before the job so they stop giving me headaches. Though I only got 2 out of 4 out. The oral surgeon was nice, even though when he took out the bottom one it hurt like hell. -hugs you- I hot your pm, I'm glad they finally got their act together for you. Also yay bakery = u= Tell me about all the yummy things you make. I'll reply when I have some muse between my friends dragging me around and my jaw. ;u; -hugs more-

darkiscool2 Report | 09/05/2014 10:40 am
"we should have been more careful" he said to her. Zazoe could blame the humans all he wanted but in the end he had himself to blame the most. They trusted the humans and were fools to do so paying the price and cementing he was the last.. "my kind...the naga do you know what their history says of us?" he asked wanting to know how his kind was remembered were they the victims or cruelty or monsters that had no minds and deserved death. if that was so then Zazoe could nearly laugh at how reversed it would be. "sorry for taking your time...why are you here? this your crypt?" he asked looking to Victoria. he had went on and on with his story but now he questioned the woman in front of him his eyes having a curious gleam as he was slowly knitting together the human language in his head...trying to make it easier.
Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 09/04/2014 1:03 am
Count Vladimir Dracula
(Sounds like a plan.)
Count Vladimir Dracula Report | 08/31/2014 11:32 pm
Count Vladimir Dracula
(Very well written, and also a pleasant read. Yet I am not sure where I would fit into this scene. I can think of a few ways to enter, yet they all feel a little forced.)
Requiem Promise Report | 08/29/2014 8:28 pm
Requiem Promise

Deli worker at a shoprite. -hugs- It has hours for my 'holidays' my family makes me take so its perfect.

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"--She with lips of sweetest pain, Lies in wait for you. With the dawn she went away, Before mist veiled the earth, Nothing remained - except for the wounds - The only gift of her..." -'Beautiful Thorn' by Sopor Aeternus ((yes, I RP))


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