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Birthday: 10/30

Occupation: Computer Engineer


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SkyeTea Report | 05/24/2015 5:48 am
Ahaha yeah I'm not sure what happened, computer went all weird D; Awwh, I'm sorry its just been so long since we last spoke ;3;
Naaah, it was mainly by pure luck that I just so happened to get in. Ahaha cause I'm just that awesome? That they couldn't refuse me? c;
Yeah it must be, with all the coding and software development- all the information and studying to explain what works what, gosh I can only imagine! D; Awwh, don't let studying get you down though.
Studying sucks but has to be done, just be sure to take breaks and don't overwork yourself, okay dearie? <33 heart
Yeah it really is and I agree 100%. Its so boring here and has lost its appeal,, the inflation is unreal and it makes it almost impossible to buy anything and the people are more like ghosts nowadays.
And to top it off Tektek and Zomg closing was like icing on the boring cake :<
Oh wow, so you defiantly know how I feel :3 Awwwh that makes me super happy that I'm still remembered. And damn your still just as sweet and amazing as I remember you to be <33
I'm happy to be back, and that your back and still remember me. It makes Gaia bearable and exciting for me now knowing that your still here too, and I agree I want to still keep in touch <33
SkyeTea Report | 05/23/2015 5:52 am
Sorry for posting twice! My computer glitched out. Im sorry ;^; sweatdrop
SkyeTea Report | 05/23/2015 5:49 am
Ahaha yeah! I was so surprised that I got in, there was only 2 spots left! C:
I like it so far, though some of the parts are really boring, for example I'm doing workplace health and safety at the moment and it's so blaaaah :<
What I really want is near the end of the course, but oh well I can still use those skills later ;3
Omai gosh! That's so awesome and exciting! How are you finding it? It must keep you on your toes c; Good luck getting that I believe in you <3
Naww me too! So many of my previous 'friends' left or forgot about me since I changed my username ;^; Yeah I became super busy in real life for the past few years
I think the last time I spoke to you I was graduating high school and that was nearly 5 years ago D: Sorry dearie I honestly haven't forgotten about you!
But unfortunately turning 21 is tough and boring adult stuff comes with it. So I've been more focussing on that :/ Awwwh it's so nice to hear you were thinking about me like I was thinking about you <3
I always wondered if you would forget about me or leave, but I'm so happy that you didn't <33 But I'm back now, so no need to worry heart
SkyeTea Report | 05/22/2015 5:32 am
I'm good thanks, other first Gaia best friend~!
I'm currently in colleague so I'm a bit tired, but good ≧▽≦
What about you? heart
K a y u k i z o Report | 05/21/2015 5:24 pm
K a y u k i z o
Oh ty~! umm I still wanted to cosplay Kaname T^T i dont have idea -.- so can help me? xp
SkyeTea Report | 05/21/2015 6:37 am
heart 4laugh emotion_hug
Viege Report | 05/19/2015 2:14 pm
Oh I have nothing in mind for myself. I have only participated in the arena twice. It was a fun time when I did though. I enjoyed it. I cosplayed as Setzer from FFVI and Medicine Seller from Mononoke.
Viege Report | 05/19/2015 2:07 pm
Aw, I see. It's been a while since I submitted anything to the arena. It'll be ripe for voting next week, right?
Viege Report | 05/19/2015 1:58 pm
Oh~? Send me a link and I'll give ya a good vote.

Sorry for deleting you from my friend's list if I had. I tend to do that a bit if I haven't spoken to someone in a long while. lol
Viege Report | 05/19/2015 1:16 pm
I see, Hope you've been well? xD



I am a die-hard Otaku! I love to watch anime and read mangas for hours and I never grow tired of it. I mainly cosplay Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight, Aerith Gainsborough, Lucrecia Crescent, Princess Garnet, Yuna Summoner from the Final Fantasy Series, Enma Ai from Hell Girl. I travel abroad a lot to buy all kind of mangas since they are not available on the place I live in. My favorite so far are Vampire Knight, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Black Butler, Another, Hell Girl, Death Note, Chocolat, Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, NANA, Rizelmine and the list goes on and on. Beside anime I also love Disney Princesses and currently my favorite is Queen Elsa from Frozen. I also enjoy Tim Burton movies and anything related to Halloween/creepy stuffs. I usually don't socialize or talk much because I really am not comfortable around big crowds and I am kind of insecure and shy but once I start getting to know someone I tend to become very lively and carefree. I love cuddly toys and cats. My favorite food are eggs, chocolates, ice-creams, milk and cookies. I also enjoy screamos and many metal bands, my all time favorite band is Black Veil Brides.

P.S. If you have read so far thank you very much for your time and cooperation... I am generally a nice and a friendly person and I love to help people and I strongly believe I am a good/supportive friend but I WONT tolerate any hateful shits/nonsense or dramas because of your own inferiority complexes and imagination---stating this because this happened countless times before (hateful comments/pms and backstabbing people out of nowhere for no issues that makes any sense) Just because its internet does not mean you can behave any way you want and cuss and hate others for fun....other than that, You, Me, we get along nicely and everything's cool. Peace out! emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif