Hiyaki and welcome to my profile! smilies/icon_smile.gif My real name is of little importance unless you are a close friend or know me in person. But, please feel free to call me Vampy. I am Mexican, if that matters at all. I am a 25-year-old, charismatic, artistic, college student. I am currently enrolled Majoring in Psychology and Minoring in English Language/Literature. I also have a full time job, so my life is pretty hectic. I have my BA in Psychology and am currently working at a local ampm gas station while continuing my studies! smilies/icon_crying.gif I currently live in Merced, CA and just trying to find a way "out" so to speak.
Much like everyone else on Gaia, I love anime. I read Manga. I love animals. My favorite colors are purple and red. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas; it is my favorite movie smilies/icon_heart.gif I adore Halloween. And am fascinated by Zombies. I also happen to be obsessed with Penguins and cupcakes. I have the mouth of a sailor! smilies/icon_pirate.gif Ummm...let see here... Not sure what else to say. If you'd like to know more, please befriend me and we can chat? I love random messages or comments on here! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif I welcome any and all new friends. But, please...DO NOT RANDOMLY ASK TO ADD ME IF WE HAVE NEVER SPOKEN BEFORE. That just makes me think you want to use me for one thing or another... I am a very paranoid human being smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif Though, if you see me around in the R&C (art shops/forums), you will notice that I am very nice and overly affectionate! smilies/icon_4laugh.gif Please do not be offended by this or take it the wrong way! D; I tend to call everyone (whether or not I actually know you/have known you for a long period or extended amount of time) by pet names such as "hunny", "hun", "sweetie", "babe" or anything else along those lines. The only thing I will not call you is "baby". ((Usually reserved for my significant other only.))
Also: I do not give random donations! D; I'm sorry. I only donate and gift things to friends! ; u;

P.S. I abuse smileys on here! smilies/icon_ninja.gif

[b]Current Favorite Quote:

"Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, then its not the end." - Harmony_SH ♥


What?: Gold? ;A;
Art?: DJ Lune, Christmas_chan, !2ice, Princ3 Mana, Dotty, Silverbleed, Colenol Darko, Bluefeathers_onDA AND RoChan.
Items?: *Points To Wish List*
Donations: Yes, please! Anything at all would be GREATLY Appreciated! ;~;<333
Currently Questing: Gold for Art! (Or just art? :'D )

Profile Last Update: February 23rd, 2015


Saw You That Bird...?

Hodwy! ^.^

Here is where i will (most likely) only post up new and old dream avi's as well as tektek's of my OC's and their descriptions :heart:



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Zoe Wolfe

Report | 08/26/2015 5:35 am

Zoe Wolfe

Hi there! 3nodding
Your profile and avi are really beautiful!

Report | 08/17/2015 6:56 pm


hehe thank you! heart

Report | 08/08/2015 5:36 pm


Hahaha omg, that's awesome! ^-^ Yeah my friends on skype keep linking me when those pop up, I have yet to win anything though. rofl
Anubas x3

Report | 08/07/2015 11:46 am

Anubas x3

Thank you. smile

Sorry for the late reply, I was away for at least a few days.

Report | 08/06/2015 10:42 am


I think we are done planning..but every time I think we are more things come up...T-T

Yeaah I've wanted a halo for a long time..but they are so crazy expensive and I've found alternatives even though it's not the same..XD
I think I'll try to get the custom item ticket at some point..but I need to up my funds first haha they are so low..;o;'
Haha I wish nails were easy..mine break all the time so I hope they'll last...>.>'

Report | 08/05/2015 1:30 pm


It's ok! I'm not any better..I haven't logged on in awhile I've just been busy busy..x-x'

Good luck! I'd love to get one myself but eeh..maybe someday I'll go after it, though I'd probably go after a custom item first. >3>

Aahh I know I can't believe next week I get married! I'm so excited and a little nervous..but I'm so fricken done trying to plan this..I suuuck at planning and this has just kinda sucked..and I've been not intentionally a super sucky planning bride. sweatdrop But I think it's for the most part all together now. I just need to find a place to get my nails done before we leave tuesday. x-x'

Report | 08/04/2015 11:13 am


Awww but it hasn't gone anywhere! ;D
Shadows Thorns

Report | 08/04/2015 10:13 am

Shadows Thorns

Yeah I know and also btw no need to worry okay besides friends are always friends even if they go. You can't change that and you can't replace them either.
But anyway it's cool and sorry if I don't reply back asap going to be doing some avatar freebies also one more thing I'm also going to be playing path of exile in between xD
Shadows Thorns

Report | 08/04/2015 5:49 am

Shadows Thorns

Never showed you my art before, but we did talk before lol and it's all good i forget as well.
Just seen you and thought I'd catch up... it's bad when you have friends for strangers you know so will try to say hi and let you know and ect.
Shadows Thorns

Report | 07/30/2015 9:31 am

Shadows Thorns

Hey long time no chat sorry been busy learning new styles to use.
Latest piece of art http://emoben290.deviantart.com/art/Profile-Picture-549985240?ga_submit_new=10%3A1438273730

Lol also how have you been

Just in case if you forgot me because I changed my avi's name it's kaname


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