Get To Know Me :)

Name: Valyiah

Age: 20

Birthday: 09/13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Status: In an amazing relationship gaia_star

Height: 5'2 1/2"

Weight: Somewhere between 100 and 160. ;D I'm fat yum_pizza

Personality: Well, I'm an INFP 4w5 neutral good alignment phlegmatic/melancholic ONACE (from the big 5). There you go wink

Hair: Black wavy bob

Eyes: The most dominant eye color in the world.

Skin: Olive tan

Style: Casual/Comfortable. Mostly black. I usually wear band T-shirts (Or anime shirts), skinny jeans, and Vanz/Converse with my usual black sweater. Occasionally a dress... but I gotta lose some of my fat to look good now xD

Race: Vampire

Occupation: Shinobi ghoul in the survey corps with a zanpakuto. I passed the hunter exam, became a meister and earned myself a death weapon. I also go to school wearing a seifuku. Somehow I came across a death note and am now a Fairy Tail mage... I'm such a weeb.

Abilities: Artistic and Musical abilities. I also have the sharingan, if you didn't know.

Favorite subjects: English, Math, Art, Chorus, and P.E. (Not anymore... it was in H.S.) Now that I'm in college however, I only like art.

Interests: Anime, Video Games, Reading, Writing, Music (Any Rock genre and Instrumental. Some JPop, JRock and BTS) Art, and Role-playing live and in social media.

Currently Attending: SDSU-San Diego State Uni

Major: Multimedia/Animation

Goals: To jump through dimensions.

Thank you. <3