Hey everyone i'm Val/Valk
I'm 21!
My all time favorite thing is ZOMBIES!! emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie
You can normally find me on zOMG if you're looking for me.
I AM a chick!
Red is my all time favorite color and my favorite Gem is well i'm sure you guessed it is a ruby *le gasp* Right?!
I'm pretty much an open book, if you want to know something feel free to ask me! :3
Things that really annoy me are people that misspell things on purpose or type l1k3 th15 (It's ANNOYING!).
I have a Skype and if you want to add me and we're friends tell me your username before i'll accept you but my Skype is: Valkeryia (may pop up as Valkeryia Rae)
If i ever get snappy with you please overlook it i have a bit of a temper and it's easy to set me off.
I have a clan with JD-Metalist it's called zOMG!-ers, if you would like to join feel free to join us we accept anyone!
I tend to make more enemies than friends but i am a good friend when you get to know me.
My boyfriend and I have the most adorable Siberian Husky in the world, but he's vicious!
I do smoke like a fish and cuss like a sailor and if you don't like that then that is your problem.


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-Final Valentine
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-Crystal Rose Fox-wolf

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