I'm IN and OUT here on Gaia for the time being, because of that.
I leave my "about" blank now for the most part.
Except for these few things.

♬ ❥¸.•*¨*♡✧ ℒℴѵℯ ✧♡*¨*•.

Young woman well into her 20's
I'm actually a very kind, generous and friendly person,
but I seem to give off the opposite vibe
My life is 楽

Addicted to Otome ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡
(¯Д¯;) I may need help ...

Queen of Flowers x3
Dark Madelyne Hair
Sainte Ciel Agape (any gen)
F's Sketchbook
Dark Heart (any gen)
SDPlus #503 Vitula
Raguels Wings

Beautiful Donators!
-Sai Skoldpadda - Gold

Elder Scrolls

That is All.

Enjoys - Flowers! Art, Languages, Cultures, Music, Ancient/History, Gardening, Astrology, Astronomy...ect.

I am all about the "Oneness" of all. Hearts Uniting as one.People Uniting Together, The Universal of Unconditional....Love, Acceptance, Awareness, Growth, Openness, Giving, Understanding...ect ^n^

Just remember, BEST therapy to boot. - Laughing/Smiling/Music
Worlds Dumbest, Top Gear UK, HEYx3, Gaki no Tsukai,
Gottsu ee Kanji (DOWNTOWN FTW!),
o( 0 )o HoHoHo

" If I am reborn, I will be by Your side.
You are the
Irreplaceable Flower "

I've been having these weird thoughts lately.
Like, is any of this for real. Or not?

(Everything is Surreal, Maybe I need more Sleep)

I've been searching for a man
All across Japan
Just to find, to find my samurai
Someone who is strong
But still a little shy
Yes I need, I need my samurai

I LUUUURVS these menz! ♡ლ(♛ε♛*ლ)



The Garden Forgotten By Time

~The Forgotten Pages~ Scatterd Petals and Falling Feathers



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It does look good, and it has multiple uses, so it's Alton Brown approved. <3

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Np. xD

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What, like the small ones or the medium ones or the large ones? There's so many. xD I know a bunch of popular ones are the asmodeus wings and recolors because a lot of people think that the small ones are too small and the big ones are ugly. xD
Squishy Private Parts

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Squishy Private Parts

eh, troubles and problems make you stronger so that's something positive at least! hahaha i've heard of people thinking it was allergies, but instead they were actually sick. blaugh very nice avatar btw ;o;

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WAAAAH THANK YOU!!!! You are so super sweet ; ^;<333333 I super love your profile song omg I could sit and listen to that for aaaages how beautiful and relaxing ; 3;<333333

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There are way too many items now, I can't keep track of anything at all anymore. classified_fu

There are a few other ship/captain/pirate related speech bubbles, too, but I don't remember what items they're associated with.

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Same, thank you for reminding me it exists. xD I held onto it specifically for today and I completely forgot about it. xP

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FFFffffffffffff, completely forgot about that item. xD I have one stashed in my locker. *digs it out*

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Aha, a few other friends have also seen my status and are working on their pirate avis now, lol. They either forgot or didn't know that tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day. xD

And so my plan comes to fruition. emotion_dowant

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An all female crew reminds me of the Jim C. Hines books with the three fairy tale princesses going on these random sea adventures (the first book in the series is called "The Stepsister Scheme", I think). I don't think I ever read all of those books, now I'm gonna have to look again.


Every day I live, how I wish to be free
Forced to live this life led by cruel reality
Everything I need is right here with you
Leave the world behind, that is all I want to do