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As a Singer and Musician,
The music I share in my profile is a representation of me, in some perspective.
Either how I am at the moment or just something I want to share.
I have a great appreciation for many a musical creation out there.
I humbly ask that you listen. You may come to enjoy it.
I try to make sure audio in my profile is not loud and obnoxious and startling.
So very many people who visit here, tell me how they adore my choices.
Don't miss out on something that can touch your heart and inspire you, maybe something taking you to another place of thinking,... feeling.

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Say something to me with Vocaroo!

Most gracious and heartfelt thank you to lovely Gaian named
Defunct Wonderland

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PROFILE best viewed in SAFARI!
Favorite My Avi!
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There's a lot to me, but I'll keep it simple here.
Been on Gaia far longer then probably should have
Especially with certain experiences and what has become of this place...
I can only assume the nostalgia of lovley times here,happy memories..
And the few good friends I have in this place,
Are what have kept me here...
and dress up.. me loves my dress up.
Many of my avatars are the first of their kind or how they are created
I have many Castlevania'esq avis. Ive created since I joined
They've just improved overtime, and new ones added :]
Don't steal them... I'll know...

My good friends here are kind, generous good all around, they mean much to me.
These friends are the ones that keep bringing me back here.
Through the many times I have had strong intentions to just leave.
Gaia is not longer or even close to the place in the past I enjoyed.
(EDIT: With Lanzer back and zOMG there may be hope now for better times)
Also having a very complicated life in general, tends to drag me away.
I love to express myself through my avi. I try to enjoy the little pixels here.
Such as ones that represent me personally
OR are replicas it seems of things I actually possess!
I have modeled, so I tend to be a modelesque-ee avi LOL perdyfulls!
Creating avis to me is a great way for artistic expression! Also individualism.

I love donating and surprising Gaian's with special things when I can
Its usually art so WATCH OUT! emotion_bigheart
I am a very kind, generous, friendly and sensitive individual.
In my late 20's, i've been through more things majority of you never have or will.
Dont be afraid to say HI! I do love hearing from new people.
So pease leave a comment!
I'm involved in many creative endeavors, which at times takes me away from Gaia.
I have many likes and dislikes to name here.
I tend to use "emojis" often as it helps people inderstand my mood with text. ^n^
Otherwise most misinterpret the context of whichI am speaking.
I enjoy playing video games as ive been playing since I was 4.
I remember my first experience was Atari and random archade machines.
I'm cultured and educated as I feel its important to be.
I find foreign languages fun and eady IF invested in one you enjoy
I think I drink more coffee then I should, I just find alot of comfort in it emotion_bigheart
.... Its late and I can no longer think of anything else haha. Maybe later more will be added. Oh! I love Astronomy and Astrology and have stufied both since a child.
Ask me about quantum physics and I can probably fry your brain. Ask me to do your natal chart and reaction would be the same hahaha

I am an INFP, personality type. Remarkable how accurate it describes me.
Just a click away. I recommend looking it up!
Makes sharing deeper aspects of yourself easier here haha.

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I DON'T accept random friend requests.
Be respectful and realistic. Strike up a conversation first.
Do you walk up to a strangers then ask to be friends out of nowhere?
Not knowing anything about them, let alone a name, do you?...
I would assume no. So try introduction and conversation first to me please.
If you feel we could be good aquantences/friends here, then we'll go from there.
If I recieve a random friend request it will be "declined" as it means you havent read anything here, ive spent the time to share and inform...
And my pro is so welcoming... :c
ALWAYS open to friendships but please respect certain boundaries, once accepted.
Know I'm quick to anger when I am wronged or someone is to my friends.
Especially when certain individuals seem the need to have superiority complexes on here and twisted ways of thinking. Keep your delusional immaturity away from me. When your Gaia persona is your life... Theres an unhealthy problem.

I DO enjoy donating and helping others out. But, I say WHO and WHEN : ]User Image

My life is 楽

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I'm IN and OUT here on Gaia.
Occadionally I go on long Hiatus's do to real life circumstances.
If I'm online then apparently I have a some time to spare,
So i've decided to catch up with friends here...and dress up... emotion_bigheart

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The evening lights, coloring the nights busy avenues,
down the street brings back memories of you.

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If I wish upon this night sky of stars
I want to meet you, now
I just want to say from faraway
"I love You"

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I've been having these weird thoughts lately.
Like, is any of this for real. Or not?
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(Everything is Surreal, Maybe I need more Sleep)


The Garden Forgotten By Time


~The Forgotten Pages~ Scatterd Petals and Falling Feathers



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Fairyless Wish

Report | 10/20/2017 9:08 pm

Fairyless Wish

ok thanks so how have u been
Fairyless Wish

Report | 10/20/2017 8:52 pm

Fairyless Wish

i cant wate to see them ,and may i ask u ,what the background u have is i think it may suit the avatra i have surprised
Fairyless Wish

Report | 10/20/2017 8:37 pm

Fairyless Wish

i love ur avatra its wonderful emotion_kirakira
Fairyless Wish

Report | 10/17/2017 10:14 pm

Fairyless Wish

hi how are u

Report | 10/17/2017 7:06 pm


You're welcome!

Report | 10/16/2017 6:03 pm


mmm. i taught my niece and nephew the love of pumpkins. because autumn is heart . 4laugh
so glad you also love autumn!
Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

Report | 10/16/2017 11:39 am

Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

It feels right for fall
Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

Report | 10/15/2017 3:13 pm

Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

Awh man....that sounds so good. Do you know the name of the place?
Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

Report | 10/15/2017 2:38 pm

Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

Also that picture of your ramen really adds some aesthetic to my profile heart xD

it's motivational really
Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

Report | 10/15/2017 2:36 pm

Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

fuuuuuuck. that looks absolutely amazeballs emotion_drool
I really need to try some out asap lolol emotion_kirakira


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