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Obligatory mod stuff

I am an Omni Moderator. This means that my primary responsibility is to handle hacking and scamming reports and to work on other projects involving account issues and security.

I have also spent time as a Global Moderator, working Abuse & Harassment cases, and as a Site Moderator, addressing general Terms of Service violations and misplaced threads.

I should be able to answer most of your questions (unless it is about art, because ******** art). If I do not have an answer for you, I will at least be able to point you in the right direction to get assistance.

Hacking and Scamming

My inbox is not the appropriate place for you to file a report. If your account has been hacked or scammed, please file a Hacking Report or a Scamming Report. These reports are received in a queue and, in order to keep things fair, are picked up in the order that they were filed. That said, if you have questions related to your your hack or scamming case that the information on the report pages did not answer, please feel free to shoot me a PM.

Banned accounts

While I do handle certain account issues, I am not the appropriate person to contact about your ban, nor is any other moderator. If your account was banned, you need to file a ticket in the Help Center for more information as well as a chance to appeal if you believe the ban was truly unfair.


If you are being harassed by another user, file reports against all on-site evidence of the abuse. If this is going on in a flash area (Towns, Rally, VH, etc.), you need to file a report against the conversation. If they sent you a PM, attacked you in a forum post, or was otherwise abusive elsewhere on the site, click the report button for the specific message that you were sent.

We ask that you file reports instead of using screenshots because it captures the message or conversation as it is currently displayed, and this is stored in our own system. Screenshots, however, come with several issues, including that they can be edited, and that, if they are removed from the hosting site by the host or the user, we lose access to that information altogether.

If this is an ongoing case of abuse, feel free to mention that in your report. If necessary, you can also file an Abuse & Harassment report to compile all of your evidence and other related information. If you have a question about a potentially abusive situation that you are involved in, feel free to contact a moderator for assistance.

Password Phishing and Sexually Explicit Content

If someone is creating threads where they are requesting account information, or where they are posting pornographic images, please file a report against the offense then contact an online moderator so that this can be removed immediately.

Forum Assistants, Moderators, and Gaia Staff will never ask for your login information to assist you in any matter or to investigate your account. If anyone sends you a PM requesting your password, REPORT the message and do not respond.

General Information

Friend requests and gifting are off.
Moderator since 20 March 2009.
Global since 1 March 2011.
Omni since 9 August 2012.
One Lion and No Violins is great music.
INTJ / IT / Personality Profile
I am learning Swedish. Slowly.
I have a APBT/Lab mix and a cat.

If you think my profile is a piece of s**t, you should see Leadery's.


sell me art
pixels by gum disease[/size:2726caaaec]


I do not mind if you message me to negotiate prices, just do not expect that I will accept your offer.

If you are looking to buy RIGs in bulk, ask. I may have quite a bit more than what I have listed.


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Tiny pixels on the profile and in my signature were created by gum disease.

The large pixel and the larger art piece were created by WtfViagra.

The chibi was made for me by Abbacus.

The floating fish thing was made by Leadery, and it is the best thing you will ever see.
gum disease
cranium coccyx