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Hey I'm Valac the genie want some wishes smilies/icon_wink.gif

btw i'm a guy

Art by Bowie-Spawan


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Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/24/2015 3:05 pm
Skadi Sundermount
jazz is alive.

also overlord got loose and a great many people died hence why people are pissed off at drift/rodimus.

interesting note: its now canon that starscreams wing tremble when hes upset! its adorable.
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/23/2015 9:19 pm
Skadi Sundermount
order can be tricky. best i can comprehended is Megatron: Origins, All Hail Megatron, Dark Cybertron, which then splits off into More Than Meets the Eye which is going at the same time as Robots in Disguise, which then goes into Windblade.

In same ways it is and in some ways it isn't because even though we now have a more established character arch it seems some writers are struggeling with the adjustments tot he characters and when they can't comprehened they fall back on old character traits and completely ignore the story arch which can be really ignoring. so there is some inconsistancies when the writers change hands but overall i like it.

we also now have a reasonable explanation for the fall out between megs and star!

but no, prowl was always in camp 'Megatrons an a*****e'. but again, no one listens to prowl so now he doesnt bother to share anything with anyone and just manipulates people from the shadows, which they generally do not care for. hes the one who put rodimus up to smuggling overlord aboard his ship which was the crime drift took the fall for.
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/23/2015 6:35 pm
Skadi Sundermount
Star distanced himself to his brothers to better plot against Megatron after Leader-sama broke the flyboys heart.

There is a GREAT post explaining the entire arch for anyone not following along with all the series that basically explains the fallout between the two:

here it is: link

this made so much sense of the arch for me because i kind of went from the beginning comics to the recent ones and skipped the ones in the middle so this helped explains things to me A LOT!
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/23/2015 12:09 pm
Skadi Sundermount
The Seekers are indeed brothers, making their fallout even more tragic. It started when Starscream started distancing himself from everyone, then Thundercracker started having doubts about the Decepticons in general, then Skywarp shot TC when he tried to leave, then Skywarp was hooked up to the ship and hasn't been heard from since (that we know of), then Starscream became Lord of Cybertron and appears to be loosing his s**t (even more so than usual), and TC is living in seclusion on Earth, his only friend was Bee, and now he's dead.

I would LOVE for a new chat system but then I might never get anything done! cat_sweatdrop

At some point in Skadi's character arch she ends up the object of affection for a troll barbain who is NOTHING like the dashing prince she'd envisioned for herself for so long and they basically end up creating the family from the movie "Brave" when she gets a child on him that is basically Meredith and then he later gets a litter of three on her, and they all basically have Skadi's massive ivory curls and his large teeth!

so now im thinking of cute curly haired troll babies with shark toothed grins.
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/22/2015 2:39 pm
Skadi Sundermount
they do indeed have fanfics of TC making fanfics and fanfics of those fanfics. AU Fanfics of the Fanfics written by TC in the comics. So much meta.

Bee was not the one to save TC, they just kind of started hanging out after TC lived through his rather violent defection.

Skywarp is alive, and it was Megatron's idea to hook his purple a** up.
Skywarp was always loyal but never terribly bright.

Not as many died as would have.

Idk about Blitzy but Astrotrain is dead i think.
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/21/2015 11:22 pm
Skadi Sundermount
thundercrack tried to leave the decepticons, skywarp found out and shot him but TC lived and Bee helped him recover and bonded with TC. Skywarp was later hooked up to a ships engined and used as a warp drive for a war ship. He's still acting as a living war ship engine. Starscream is Lord of Cybertron and so very lonely.

Bee died in the same fight that killed Metalhawk.

TC is living on earth. He has a dog named Buster and writes terrible self insert fanfiction.
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/21/2015 9:43 pm
Skadi Sundermount
I told you, Malfunction X is piloting a small vessel on an impossible mission far from Cybertron and Martin Prime is dealing with Starscream's s**t. cat_xd

No, TC is alive, Bee is dead, TC is sad about Bee dying.

IDK what's happened to Blaster, but Kup is alive and well and he and Springer are off kicking a** across the galaxy somewhere.

No idea what happened to Swoop, the Dynobots split up after Grimlock was arrested, I think Snarl is on Cybertron though.

The most homocidal? Hard to say, but the first to come to mind is Overlord.

Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/21/2015 3:25 pm
Skadi Sundermount
remember that autobots have some pretty deeply ingrained prejudices and that Drift is a mech from the gutters, an ex-decepticon, and a turncoat. for some people, nothing Drift ever does will overshadow where hes been and what hes done, and he is keenly aware of it.

Perceptor also has a huge crush on Drift but being Perceptor hides is very well.

Bee is dead, breaking Thundercracker's spark in the processes, as he was rather enamored with the camero, and its not yet clear if is Bee will be back as gold bug.

Grimlock has amnesia and is currently traveling with a group of misfit cons called the Scavengers.

And the cross over is more like:

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ya know?
Skadi Sundermount Report | 05/20/2015 9:50 am
Skadi Sundermount
Shocked me as well, I always figured Soundwave for a yesmech.

Drift already knew. hes in love with Rodimus and Roddy used that to manipulate Drift into taking the fall for him. Since Drift is an ex-decepticon most of the crew didnt trust him anyway and were eager to believe he's screwed them over.

Rhinox is supposed to show up in the next installement but so far theyre the only chars from Beast Wars though theyre not the only beastformers, who are also an oppressed minority.

actually, no one appears to be listening to Optimus. At all. he is very frustrated by this.

Not yet, but I'm digging this AU:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Blackrosekitten21 Report | 05/19/2015 6:04 pm
Yea I hear you....I'll just stick with what i have...if i really want to acquire the piece that is currently 40 bill i can get it when it goes down in price.




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