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Oh well, I'm the type of gal who will never settle down
Where pretty boys are, well, you know that I'm around
I kiss 'em and I love 'em 'cause to me they're all the same
I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em, they don't even know my name
They call me the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Add me on Skype:
(Please only ppl in their twenties or older. I'm old af, I don't want to seem like a creeper)



I guess I decided to be active again...
I'm Cuban American and 26 yrs old
I used to spend far too much time on this site back in 04, 08, and 2010
I miss having ppl to talk to on Skype so add me and if you can't find me shoot me a PM with your username.
I aint looking for the D or romance or any of that s**t. Just some friendship.
I'm engaged and besides my Fiancée theres only a few CBers who will always have my heart.

My accounts and Old/Recent Usernames:
Poisonous v****a
Lady Smexalot
Shaggy Nutts
Skanky Hoe
Chlamydia Face
The Rash in your a**
Pimp Queen
The Psychedelic Monk

And it goes on, just can't remember right now...
I assure you though no more account or name changes for me.~

[Avatar Art]
This is my avatar art.

[Fan Art]
This is awesome art I've received over the years, thanks to all you wonderful artist. <3

My Bitches and Hoes

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mourning breath Report | 11/23/2016 9:14 am
awww that sounds so nice!!! but i know most people don't even use it anymore :c
i feel like i lost touch with everyone
but yeah i was barely popping on every couple of months but i've been frequenting lately, well kind of
mourning breath Report | 11/22/2016 3:34 pm
i miss the farmhouse cry
mourning breath Report | 11/22/2016 12:47 pm
yessss the good old days
debating a name change again but then i'd be even more lost !!
yours seems familiar too!
Chatterbox Report | 11/19/2016 10:47 am
Yeah, I'm buying it from my Step father thankfully. We both have very busy lives, so its taking more time then we expected.
Chatterbox Report | 11/18/2016 10:54 am
Ugg, I'm kinda stressed with work.
And when I'm not at work, I'm stressed wit buying a house.
N0l1f35 Report | 11/12/2016 6:56 am
Enjoy darlin!
Chatterbox Report | 11/10/2016 7:19 pm
I tried to watch you draw, but I'm on my phone, and it wanted me to download a app.
Chatterbox Report | 11/10/2016 7:07 pm
It's ok, I'm going to shower and then sleep soon.
Chatterbox Report | 11/10/2016 6:22 pm
You'll have to show me.
Chatterbox Report | 11/10/2016 5:49 pm
No, I don't think I was. But it sounds familiar.