Hello My name is Stephanie but you can call me sound or Siren doesn't matter I am 20 years young The day of my Birth is June 8th Yes I am a Gemini My symbol is of the air...I am Hispanic I enjoy many things and if you would like to know them please don't hesitate to comment or pm me I have been on Gaia since 04 and have been on and off under different aliases..


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wuz up this is my journal anyone can add to it if they like hey my name is staphanie and i love boys i love sports and i am hispanic i speak spanish quiet alot and i love to



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Haha sherbet is like my favorite color scheme!
I think the items I'm wearing should be available on my profile or on my dropdown menu if you want links, otherwise the items are as follows:
Astra: Sweet Charming Blush
Raphael's Prism Wings
Meido Cafe: Dere's Side
Luscious Curled Beach Bangs
Incandescent Consort of Aurelian
Gentle Loving Manner
Innocent Lovers
Aika's Sweet Kiss
Fallen Biancareina
Filled With Sherbert Stars
Hollywood Lips
Nietono no Shana
Noble Kumahime
Pastel Poisonous Pony
Glass Dream

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Haha many of them are there! Though some items are scarce and can be super hard to find.. XD I usually avoid those :P
If you don't think you'll come back that'd be a super nice thing to do! :) Though, somehow, Gaia has a strange way of bringing people back lol
I'm probably gonna stay on here for a long time, just because I use this site for art inspiration and I still love to draw every now and then :)

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lol and thank you!! I've been wanting to make a "fallen" color scheme avatar and I finally made one last night instead of studying! haha!
I really like yours too :) Red/Black is still one of my favorite color schemes~

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Haha welcome back!! :)
Oh my gosh that's crazy!! Man I can't imagine working full time and being a full time mom, I already feel like I'm barely handling what I do have lol! Congrats on everything!!
What type of work do you do~? :)

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Hello~!! :) How are you~? ^o^

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Rawr heart
Ash-Senpai Finisher

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Ash-Senpai Finisher

LOVE ME <33333333333333333333
Ash-Senpai Finisher

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Ash-Senpai Finisher

dont be such a wee baby master x3
Ash-Senpai Finisher

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Ash-Senpai Finisher

Master, i is back!!!!! *poke you everywhere* meow meow, pew pew, this kitty here, is coming back to ya!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ..........................Them pokes though
Rain Mancer

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Rain Mancer

I can see that lol. I always wanna sleep when it's rainy. I'm good. My dog goes to the vet tomorrow. & it's my parents bday and anniversary. & I might get to see my best friend.


Art by Missie Me thank so much your amazing and ill love you always emotion_bigheart
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