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Agent Rissa Report | 10/08/2015 6:11 pm
Agent Rissa


Hey! No rush or anything, but I wasn't sure if you knew it was your post in both of our RPs. ^^

Just a friendly reminder~ :3



The Greek Myth Report | 10/08/2015 12:25 pm
The Greek Myth
Why thankyou wink
The Greek Myth Report | 10/08/2015 12:22 pm
The Greek Myth
Haha! Thankyou, I look too young redface sweatdrop
The Greek Myth Report | 10/08/2015 11:57 am
The Greek Myth
It's the least you deserve!
*hugs* As are you blaugh
The Greek Myth Report | 10/08/2015 11:42 am
The Greek Myth
Thankyou for the Helmets heart
AwkwardGirlhood Report | 10/03/2015 7:25 pm
Hi, did you get my message?
sabreworg Report | 10/02/2015 3:53 pm
Ok, I think I can work with that then. ^_^
Just give me a bit to work on one, shant be too long m'lady.
sabreworg Report | 10/02/2015 12:24 am
Ehehe, yeah I do tend to love fantasy. I dont mind if other people are human, I myself just usually dont play them. And really the personality is all up to the person playing them. You dont need to know power or usual attitudes, thats all up to the player. ^_^
I am sorry...I just played so much D&D with my parents when I was young, so the love of fantasy kinda stuck. However we dont have to play it, normal or sci-fi fits too. The cool part about it is, you can make whatever you want. Dont let the usual definations define what your character is. I have a character I made when I was just a little kid, and has stayed with me since. I even wanted to make a movie about him. I dont RP with him much because...well he is dark. XD I kinda refined him during a bad time in my life.
sabreworg Report | 10/01/2015 4:50 pm
You too?! XD Well together we will figure something out. So I know you like romance, so what else should we add?
sabreworg Report | 10/01/2015 12:24 am
I actually dont have any particular idea's at this moment. I'm usually the type of RP'er that can do any kind of role. Though I usually like para or full sci-fi, fantasy or action. And of course I always enjoy a good romance ^_^
I will leave the option of the story open if you want to toss in an idea you want to try, or just an idea that you want to play.


My name is Ashley, but I go by Uzu until you really get to know me. I have been on Gaia for quite some time now, having joined back in 2006. Yep, this is my original account! I spend most of my time out and about in my guild, role playing away.

I am a college student, so I am typically stressed out with tests and papers, but what are you going to do? If I'm not out at work, in class, or with friends, I'm here, so there are plenty of times to meet me if you want~

I am rather easy to talk to and quite friendly! Please just shoot me a PM if you want to talk. I love to roleplay, so if you have something in mind, let me know! Hope to hear from you soon!

- Uɀυღ


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