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I am a christian. KJV FTW
I have a group of about 20 friends who
live in various places across the world.
We truly love to produce entertainment
content such as Anime, Video Games,
Manga, Web Comics, Story Books,
Card Games, and various other categories.
Please fund us c: We would like to
use the funds to actually establish and
set up our own entertainment production
I am a red vs blue fan. I'm also derpy. < u >
What can I say about Em is she very impatient, crazy at time, funny, curious as a blind cat, she love to sing, and if you piss her off you will regret it (#sassyduck). She can be fun, loving, and sing her heart away. Plus she will be an awesome mom one day that her secret name is mama emem. Get to know her you won't forget her she that rememberable #bible
- NinjaKingD11
If you want to know more about me just
shoot me a pm. c:
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