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Look like me


About cute little ol' me

I am Utena Douji I may look human but in truth I am a cabbit.

I am VERY random...
... and girly apparently.
Enjoy all the random a$$ AMVs and such.
Any AMVs that appier under my avitar are one's that I have made. heart
Can you tell I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

(Thanks to photobucket I had to redo my whole page. Damn them... I may try and fix it more to my liking at a later time.)

What have you to say?

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Jusu Kilappa Report | 08/28/2016 4:32 pm
Jusu Kilappa
Hello there, miss.
gonna rage quit Report | 11/15/2015 5:27 pm
gonna rage quit
this is my new crappy account.
because gaia randomly decided to be dumb and steal my stuff.
i r so filled with rage!
Rose Dimension Report | 06/28/2015 12:01 pm
Rose Dimension
cat_mrgreen random meows cat_mrgreen
Rose Dimension Report | 06/19/2015 12:37 pm
Rose Dimension
cool... you look like the good sorcerer and im the bad sorcerer! its time for a magic battle! emotion_awesome
Rose Dimension Report | 05/03/2015 11:04 am
Rose Dimension
yep emotion_awesome
Rose Dimension Report | 05/03/2015 10:18 am
Rose Dimension
sent ya some gifts so you dont miss out out on the cheap stuff party! emotion_yatta
Rose Dimension Report | 02/18/2015 10:17 am
Rose Dimension
so much pink goodness! ...wait when are you NOT pink? how is it even possible?!
Rose Dimension Report | 02/13/2015 4:35 am
Rose Dimension
thanks 4laugh
Rose Dimension Report | 01/20/2015 3:22 pm
Rose Dimension
well... as you can (probably) see, i got a tail nows! *ha ha* the item dropped in price enough for me to not cry while clicking the buy button xp
Rose Dimension Report | 01/16/2015 6:01 pm
Rose Dimension
no way! thats to much! ...besides u need all your gold to get all the cute pet stuff out. a couple bundles of animated pets AND a super cute sailor moon cat item! its called the puffpaw family. and it has luna, artemis and little kitten diana!!! so damn cute! (its like a zillion gold but im playing the waiting game *ha ha*)


Come on over and play.



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