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I was featured.

Greetings, and welcome to my
profile. I was born on 21st December of 1996,
and I am enjoying my stay over here at Gaia Online. I'm a member
since 2009, or something like that. I hope you enjoy
my profile, despite the lack of interesting
content it appears to have.

My Beloved,
Your body is like a rose. Your hair,
your crimson red petals. Your arms,
vermillion thorns. Your legs,
green of hope. And your mind, is your bud.

The entirity of you expells beauty, as the entirity of you exorts
a pleasant fragrance, dancing eternally in my nostrills,
intoxicating me with my infatuation for you.

Forgotten. Forgotten. To never be remembered. Let this text be black as a testament to the void that has been wrought.

If you seek peace...

Then ******** off.
I'm here for the war. The death. The thrill of the brawl.
I want the fresh blood splattered on the walls and the sound of
cracking bones breaking through the hallways.

Whatever you want, bring it on.