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This girl right here is the best friend I could ever have. She's kind, cheerful, and somebody who I enjoy chatting with;
Hurt her, be it emotionaly or physically, and I will find your home, break your spine once I find you, and rip off your head, using your skull to drink your own blood.

Hello. My name is Pedro Vides, a portuguese teenager who enjoys drawing and writing. I was born during the cold day of 21st December, year 1996. Over the internet, I am know as Lucifer Romulus, as my username suggests.
My mood depends on the song I am listening to. My tastes in music tend to variated from Power Metal, Progressive Metal, and Heavy Metal, to masterpieces of classical proportions from the amazing Edvard Grieg and Wolfgang Amadeus.
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Yes, this is me.

This is my pony, Lucifer Romulus! Drawn by me.

This is my other pony, Lance Romance.~