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Yes I am a transgender individual. If you wish to ask anything about what that is then please send me a Pm, I am sure I can enlighten you. But if you wish to say something rude about what that is or who I am. I advise you to leave my profile now, I will not tolerate closed minded assholes here.

Ạgɛ: 23

Ḅiʀthdaƴ: May 16th, 1991

Ṣɛxual Prɛfɛrɛncɛ?

Pansexual, no that doesn't mean I am in love with pans. Sexy sexy cookware.. No just kidding, it means I do not look at gender when I look for partners, I look at their personality. Attracted by who you are, not what's in your pants.

Ạm Ị Ṭakɛƞ?

Quite literally, I am completely smitten really, my heart is currently in Australia with a kind, loving man named Donovan. One day I wish to go see him, so please do not ask if I will date you, the answer is no. I am happy with him and I see nowhere in my future where that will change.

Ḍaʈɛ to Ṛɛmɛmbɛʀ: Feb. 27th, 2014.

Ǥuɛss whaʈ?

I roleplay, isn't that a shocker? I've been roleplaying for 14yrs. So I know a bit of things and I don't mind doing it with friends, just so long as things are talked over before we do so. Need details, go ahead and send a Pm if you need to, I surprisingly don't bite unless you are mean to me.


I am normally in Cosplay Towns, 1023 b8, so if you find me there, I am either afk or with friends.


Yes I do, want to see them, ask.


Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Marvel comics/Movies, BBC Sherlock, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Agents of SHIELD.
[More to come when I can remember]


Bagginshield, BofurxOc [An rp with Donovan], FiKi, Thorki, Science Bros, Stucky, Stony, Hannigram.
[More to come when I remember]


Soda, Chocolate [Mostly white], Dragons, Fantasy things, Watching movies, Reading, Going on walks, Roleplaying, Swimming, Chilling, Being lazy, Drawing and even writing, fruits, so many fruits, and sweets.

Ðısłıkɛs ☓

Assholes, Closed Minded people, Homophobia [You're just an a*****e with an excuse], The colour Pink, Most children, Most people under my own age [Some of you are an exception], The word 'Yolo' and 'Swag', People who call themselves Hipsters, Wannabe Gangsters, Being Insulted, Text speak.