Okay....so I like Yellow and red, hence the name. I like to fight people and generally be a pain in the a** half the time, but I DO have a brain...just a dysfunctional one...full of metal. smilies/icon_razz.gif

SCOREZ! smilies/icon_whee.gif

Random facts about me:
*I own the boxers of Blues Raven. :3
*You can usually find me in large ventilation systems drinking either foreign alcohol or other unsavory liquids.
*I'd eat Grunny patties for breakfast.
*My old name was disgusting for a reason. Wanna know? Ask.
*I get into a lot of fights, and know a bit 'o kickboxing.
*I'm practically androgynous since I like men's clothes more than women's.
*I've now become hooked on Gambling and Fishing, and will stop at nothing to outsmart the Casino people.
*I don't really quest anymore. There's too much stuff that I want and I hardly have time to get it. Quest items for me are basically new store items.
Draw meh please? I'll return the favor if you do. :3

Fun fact: Urina Sanguineus is an OC named Mitch. Everything in this profile applies to her, and not the person behind the character, me. I prefer to keep myself as anonymous as possible on Gaia, so you won't get anything about me unless I've known you for a long enough time.


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~Dude, it's just stuff~

Uhh...here's some stuff. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

I'll write when I think about it. >> Basically G Corp/cabin fever-induced rantings. :D


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I The Revenant I

Report | 06/02/2014 5:08 am

I The Revenant I

Random comment from a passing stranger:


That is all
Dr. Ivanov

Report | 09/05/2013 8:54 am

Dr. Ivanov

I got hungry. Didn't you see my fork?

Severina's pits smell.
Dr. Ivanov

Report | 08/27/2013 11:56 am

Dr. Ivanov

You look like Severina's armpits.
mama Kiska

Report | 10/24/2011 2:12 pm

mama Kiska

Thanks for buying!
The Body Farm

Report | 10/14/2011 9:28 am

The Body Farm

Thanks. cool
The Body Farm

Report | 09/30/2011 11:19 am

The Body Farm

So true. 8D
The Body Farm

Report | 09/30/2011 11:16 am

The Body Farm

I'm psychic. cool
Dean In Your Underpants

Report | 03/16/2011 9:38 am

Dean In Your Underpants

thank you smile
I Found A Sexy 1

Report | 03/15/2011 3:36 pm

I Found A Sexy 1

I loooove your avatar. heart Dat hair + that ensemble of clothes is amazing. XD
Dean In Your Underpants

Report | 03/15/2011 10:57 am

Dean In Your Underpants

No I don't think it would, but I think I did find one. Just need to get the SPN item that just came out.


Kel-P: Siren, drummer, weapons collector with a bottomless stomach.
I love all the items you hate