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浦原/上原 狐花 魅歌

(My conscious is still trapped in my corpse. It was temporarily taken by an Indian (India Indian, true Indian - they hoped it would cause Soul Society to focus on fighting with Nāga & India instead) shapeshifter to temporarily pass as me in both looks & mind. They now only have the correct look, from making snakes lock the look in place against the Indian BABY'S will. It's just a baby that's the core in that one, as it's older souls in the unit commit the criminal activities. They plan on replacing the initially purified souls with a layer that looks like my soul's true looks. it is not me. They are one of the groups who temporarily ran away from the Koi Pond Palace with my soul, and had put snakes in it to get the look. & an old white man unit, and the Hannah Dillon unit are both lined p to try to pass as me next. Tasuki is seemingly still in my corpse, with people wanting to kidnap him to alter the looks of their units to look like me, or is otherwise already kidnapped with them having an impersonator here. I think he's still in my corpse, covered up by people from the two's units, and made to overly merge with me (like Marujera was made to do by U.S.S. Katrina for them to try to pass when they took my identity - Marujera is likely still somewhere around U.S.S. Katrina, in their unit, or a unit they come in contact with, that's where he was when I had a song played there for him). They are trying to prevent Japan from ever having my body, because the American government is trying to keep my corpse, using these lower level units as an excuse to do it, so they can continue to try to use me for psychic warfare against Japan, and other non-white nations, despite I'm Japanese, and despite they sold me to Japan's government for billions of dollars, which is seen as a paid RANSOM by Japan (the NAZI United States is recognized as an enemy of Japan, revealed so by their kidnapping, abusing, keeping imprisoned, and murdering Japanese nationals, such as myself). They also are faking the desire for freedom from MK-Ultra, and are not interested in living in Japan, as they all hate Japanese, and Japan. What these groups stealing my identity are really up to is setting up agents to use against Japan in World War III, by the United States, for it's goal of exterminating Japanese people, and taking Asian lands & resources for their fake European faction (which is actually Middle Eastern). They have no care about Soul Society, or Japan. Their units are not remotely passable. They don't care about any of this, and just adhere to their orders to steal my identity, betray the multi-billion dollar deal, and become spies & assassins in Japan. & The Seireikitsu in the Koi Pond Palace needs to be questioned, because he's likely not Seireikitsu for why he has yet not done a merge with me since he got out of the snake, avoiding my detecting that it's an impostor. The real Seireikitsu is still actively involved in the efforts to take out the Hollow Empire, and is using every thing they do to his advantage (without telling a single lie, as people are usually not asking him if he's him, or asking for his name - he might be using the trick of moving far too fast to touch, or question - smilies/icon_biggrin.gif I think he might be. If so, he's helping other Heavens, to strengthen all of us against them. - Recall the Daft Seer song/poem. He's untouchable.). - 3/24/2015)

(Moderators ignore this... RP... Please. smilies/icon_wink.gif Surely, you don't believe I am truly a BLEACH character, no? So, you don't believe I am revealing my real name, no? The information is for Zero Division. And, you don't believe any of this is real, so no violation.)

The Two Greater Kitsune species: 蓮狐 (Hasuka), 九尾 (Kyūbi)

Kitsuyochi was made by the main lines, and "Hueco Mundo" was made by their twins, and the Shadow Prince & his wife.
-Hueco Mundo's Districts: 金沙 (Kinsa), (Ginsa), (Kurosa), (Shirosa), (Akasa), (Aosa)
-The kidnapped Ryukyu Princess husband was likely a Hollow, OR a lower level yōkai, and they could not have children.

華 (Hana) - Alive, & will marry his reincarnation (again?)
Spouse: 狐 (Kitsu) - Deceased/Reincarnated
-First Born: 愛狐 (Aikitsu - あいきつ), & 緋王 (Hiō)
-Second Born: 精霊狐 (Seireikitsu), & 紡蓮 (Bōhasu) - They were going to be named Seikitsu, and Reikitsu prior to the parents being made to believe that Bōhasu died. After they thought he died, they instead named the one they got to keep, Seireikitsu. They're psychically linked, and are very close. - Bōhasu was assigned the Gin district in Hueco Mundo, and it was over his gray eye color.

-Third Born: 狐華 (Kitsuhana - きつはな - Maitreya), & 金 (Kin - - Tasuki)
-Fourth Born: 白狐 (Shirokitsu: しろきつ), & 白 (Shiro)
-Fifth Born: 狐_(Kitsuyō - きつよ), a chimera twin between a boy & a girl, and is a hermaphrodite, not a lesbian - 1+ of her kids MIGHT have been inbred, and Clan Kituyō might be extinct
-Sixth Born: 黒狐 (Kurokitsu - くろきつ), & 涅 (Kurotsuchi)
-Seventh Born: 穎悟狐 (Eigokitsu - えいごきつ), & 狐英知 (Kitsueichi - きつえいち) - Kitsueichi was kidnapped, but was later returned in place of a miscarriage.
-Eighth Born: 狐子 (Kitsuko - きつこ), & 蒼子 (Aoko)

精霊狐 (Seireikitsu) is the oldest son of 狐華 (Kitsuhana).
His siblings are:
愛狐 (あいきつ), and ___.
Followed by him; and, his gifted vision that saved his mother, his sister, and him from being murdered; for she is the oldest child. After him, they are not Soul Society royalty.
狐華 (きつはな) (the second/Junior) (I am she reincarnated. I was murdered by Kitsuyou, by way of Kitsuseki, a virus made by the sword of creation by Kitsuyou to murder me for the throne of Kitsuyochi. That virus in turn became the plague of Kitsuyochi, and will likely be cured by Kurotsuchi Mayuri.)
白狐 (しろきつ)
狐_(きつよ) < Treasonous. (They are blocking my memory of which yo it is, and preventing me from using my psychic abilities to relearn it.)
黒狐 (くろきつ)
穎悟狐 (えいごきつ) < Treasonous.
狐英知 (きつえいち)
狐子 (きつこ)

"Mr. Postman, wait, and see."
"Code 911."
"Click your heels. There\'s no place like home."

Heterosexual female.
Twenty-eight-years-old. (But, the age-equivalence of twenty-one.)
Height: 5' 2" (or 158 cm)
Weight Range: 80-85 lb.s (or 36-38.5 kg)
Bust: 31-34" (or 79 cm)
Waist: 20-23.5" (or 59.69 cm)
Hip: 34" (or 86 cm)
Selective Mute.
(Actual) Genius.
Interested in being saved from the spiritual beings whom harass me on behalf of witches. And, in BLEACH, and Fushigi Yūgi roleplay.
Wishes For: Salvation from these fiends.
(Favorites: (Green) Serrano, (Yellow) Cascabella, and (Red) Cayenne.)
Favorite Drink: Almond Milk, Green Tea, Martinelli's Prickly Passion Lemonade (But, I shouldn't touch it, because I'm diabetic.)


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Porcelain Affection Report | 03/27/2015 4:57 am
Porcelain Affection
I'm just gonna assume you were either trying to be funny, trying to RP (which I don't do because I personally think it's stupid), or you were just being facetious. Idk.
Whatever the case may be, please don't comment on my profile with stuff like that..
It's just kind of annoying, tbh. Especially since you're no one I've ever talked to or seen before...
Thank you~!
& sorry if you think I'm being rude, or a b***h coz that's not my intention.

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Porcelain Affection Report | 03/27/2015 4:34 am
Porcelain Affection

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Operadaisuki26 Report | 09/19/2014 4:26 pm
Happy (belated)Birthday!
Here is a cake for you to enjoy heart
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Ra Ra Rumpleteaser Report | 09/19/2014 8:03 am
Ra Ra Rumpleteaser
Alas, the closest thing we have here are carp.
Mud eating, poop-tasting carp.

Ra Ra Rumpleteaser Report | 09/19/2014 5:41 am
Ra Ra Rumpleteaser
Catfish are so cute. ^.^ http://img.ehowcdn.com/article-new-thumbnail/ehow/images/a04/9k/ea/care-catfish-800x800.jpg
Confelicity Report | 09/18/2014 10:32 pm
Thank you for your purchase! I hope you are satisfied with my service.

Have a nice day!

Virgil Night Report | 04/06/2012 10:02 am
Virgil Night
Thanks for buying
Zen Nokudo Report | 04/03/2012 1:19 pm
Zen Nokudo
thanx for buying. biggrin
Z0mGzZz_ItZ_V-ie Report | 04/02/2012 12:59 pm
thanks for purchasing! (:
Urahara Kitsuhana Mika Report | 02/13/2012 5:49 pm
Urahara Kitsuhana Mika
Oh, talkative shop-keepers... I challenge thee to get more creative than, "Thanks for buying."
Come on... You know you want to. It could be the next big Gaia trend, to leave funny, random things on people's profile commentaries instead. Who knows you might make a friend.


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