I love to RP and chat and donate on Gaia.

Props to PrincessNazi!
Thank you so much, I love it!

ALL OF THE ITEMS I HAVE: Were donations, so NO I will never donate my items!

Please Feel free to ask politely for a gold donation. smilies/icon_smile.gif
Donation information: I typically do not donate amounts over 5k. I like to have enough gold to donate to EVERYONE who asks me nicely for one. If I have a lot of gold, and no one asking me for donations, I will donate large amounts, though I will never donate ALL my gold to one person.

About me: My real name is Jen. I have two twin cats named Bill and Ted. I have been a member of Gaia for a long time. I love to write, and that will never change.

Likes: Plants, animals, cooking, baking, running, playing, watching, listening, working, writing, painting, singing, reading, cartooning, anime/manga, donating (real life and Gaia), traveling, organizing, aggressiveness (in others, it's not in me), philosophy, maps, body, sun, movies, ice cream, physical labor, eyes, diplomacy, metal weapons, science, restaurants, liquor, learning, candy, bouncy music, pain, sex, biking, romance, fire, humor, family, dreaming, late nights, deep conversation, anything natural, the human body, peace of mind, bloody movies/TV, intimacy, high energy activities, fighting, blood, honesty, jewels, computers, containers, boundaries, compliments, demands, commitments, serving, debating, touching, teasing, love.

Dislikes: Makeup, Things that cry at me, Typical girls, Instability, Smoking, Sitting in one place for to long, Long toe nails, Bad Hygiene, Lazy people, People who aren't happy, Country and Gospel music, Religion, Unnecessary pressure, People who are incredibly selfish, Mean people, False assumptions, Rudeness, Bad Table Manners, Styrofoam, Clowns, Lies, Overcooked meat.
and....... maybe if I think of more I will add it.
RP Info: I have been doing written role playing for a long time, since 2005 (7 years). I love all kinds of RP story's accept those already based on one. I love original story lines and characters. I like doing explicit role plays as well. Fantasy would be my favorite genera.

The face behind the Avi: Yeah, it's me, fo real.
I don't expect you to care at all,
but sometimes it's nice to see the face you are talking to!
So yo, I'm nice, I'll donate gold if you ask.
I've been on Gaia since 05, and I love it!

^^^------------ This is me now!
This is me in 05' -------------^^^


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im sure u will hehe rofl

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well ur gonna have to help urself ninja

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ya after what u alrdy did blaugh

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good heart

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Remember what i said.

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u r very very welcome heart

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u happy now ^_^
Pikaa Boo

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Pikaa Boo

No Problem!

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Nice it looks really good!

And your wellcome!!!

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Every one needs a Gift on their B-day!


Since June, 2009... I donate ALL my GOLD!
Gold Donated: 14,312,000 ~~~ Donation Funds: 5,000k
PM Me for a gold donation?
Item donations are appreciated!
(Yes, all of my items were donated, or bought with cash.

RP? I am looking for 1x1 stories! Pm me if interested.