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Last Login: 12/19/2014 4:25 pm

Registered: 11/26/2004

Gender: Female

Location: Wouldnt you like to know

Birthday: 06/27/1980


Turning my comments back on, so to those whom are viewing it: Lets keep comments to a mild need to do anything that requires the mods to bring out the ban hammer...

Also: Anyone wishing to friend me, you will now be required to send me a PM first. I'm quite tired of getting random requests from people only to never hear from them. I dont random request, so dont random request me.
Double Also: I do not take slaves. Don't ask. I dont mind pets or playmates, but my mood swings too much to be firm with anything for long.


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Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 10:11 am
Envy Silence
"Mind if I pm you?" Move his hair from his face and smiles.
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 9:45 am
Envy Silence
"If you had a tittle, Raina the giggler would be suitable." Smirks/
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 9:25 am
Envy Silence
"Whoops. Raina." He practices and rubs her sides
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 8:38 am
Envy Silence
"Hellos Raima." Smirks and nuzzles her cheek.
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 7:12 am
Envy Silence
"Oh....then I guess Envy will suffice." Smiles.
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 6:50 am
Envy Silence
"Is it just Raina?" Blinks. "Not Raina the destroyer, the tryant, the magnificent....the the beautiful.." Stops ranting.
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 6:29 am
Envy Silence
"I'm Envy by way; demon of desire and cuddles." Grins impishly and snuggles.
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 6:04 am
Envy Silence
Chuckles and keeps warm.
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 5:53 am
Envy Silence
Wraps arms around and nuzzles cheek from behin. <3
Envy Silence Report | 12/18/2014 5:42 am
Envy Silence
Rolls eyes and smirks. "Alien hand syndrome." X3




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