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If My Tank Is Glowing Please Post

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Ginger cookie luvr Report | 04/05/2015 1:45 pm
Ginger cookie luvr
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Ginger cookie luvr Report | 03/17/2015 5:06 am
Ginger cookie luvr
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Ginger cookie luvr Report | 02/14/2015 10:15 pm
Ginger cookie luvr
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emotion_hug Hope you had a really nice Valentine's Day my Friend! emotion_hug
Ginger cookie luvr Report | 02/13/2015 9:34 am
Ginger cookie luvr
emotion_hug emotion_hug Miss you too and hope all is well with you. =)

I'm trying to get back to Gaia more often, but it's not easy being here anymore.
Hope you have a great day and I'll try to get on more and at least hopefully catch your tank.

Take care, Uni! emotion_hug heart
Serene Snowbelle824 Report | 01/17/2015 7:49 am
Serene Snowbelle824
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yum_puddi yum_cupcake emotion_hug Happy, Happy Birthday my Friend! emotion_hug yum_cupcake yum_puddi
Ginger cookie luvr Report | 01/17/2015 7:30 am
Ginger cookie luvr
User Image

yum_cupcake Happy Birthday, Universal. yum_cupcake
emotion_hug I hope it brings much happiness the whole year through! emotion_hug
Ginger cookie luvr Report | 01/12/2015 7:56 am
Ginger cookie luvr
gonk It can be frustrating. My Grandfather complains saying that at least back in his earlier years the Customer was treated well and in a very timely manner. Usually the same day. I kind of get what he means as now a days not only do they make you work hard at getting someone live to talk with, the run around they can sometimes give you is extremely frustrating.

I'm just Happy your back and all is okay. I'm trying very hard to get back onto Gaia and into Bumping n Playing and guild games, but it frustrates me so much when it get's laggy or I have to reboot because I freeze and get that message about long scripts etc. I don't ever get this on the other site I have found and play on now. I'm going to try and do some bumping n playing now and then later this evening. Phew.... sorry so many words. lol. Hugs and enjoy your day my friend. emotion_hug emotion_hug
Ginger cookie luvr Report | 01/11/2015 10:15 am
Ginger cookie luvr
Just happy your okay. emotion_hug
Yes, New year's was fun. Other than loosing your internet, I hope yours was fun as well.

Welcome back. emotion_hug biggrin heart
Niamh Cuina Report | 01/10/2015 1:44 pm
Niamh Cuina
Not really.. but Im so glad you are back, was so worried *hold you tight* thanks, my dear one. emotion_bigheart whee
Ginger cookie luvr Report | 01/06/2015 9:12 am
Ginger cookie luvr
Hoping your okay, too. emotion_hug
Hoping your just on a really nice vacation someplace.

Miss you and hope you get back soon my friend. emotion_hug emotion_hug

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