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I am a happily married lady just looking for friends that want to have fun. I am very laid back and have a warped sense of humor. I am not easily can say just about anything to me and I'll have some comeback!! I love to play games on the computer.emotion_smilies/icon_hug.pngemotion_smilies/icon_hug.pngemotion_smilies/icon_hug.pngsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif


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Giesta Report | 01/25/2015 1:35 pm

Im making it, I have a bit of an upset stomach which has been more so bothering me today last night late, Hugs *Hoping it will get out of my system soo, sweatdrop

Yeah there has been some forecasted for the upper part of our state in like Frankfort, but it will mostly miss us except flurries here unless we get unexpected accumulation, be very careful they say you guys are going to be getting a lot of snow by late Tuesday/ Wednesday even maybe as much as 2 feet. eek gonk I do hope it misses you guys and goes out to sea. Hugs

Hugs I hope she is able to for you the next week, this sounds like its going to be some really bad weather, and she would be much safer if she stayed inside and you as well stayed inside as much as possible. warm emotion_hug 's

Not much here, cold and damp and possible snow flurries, and being sick at my stomach.

I hope you enjoy your day as well! Hugsssssss & Lovesssssssss emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_hug emotion_hug
Giesta Report | 01/24/2015 10:26 am

We did get maybe an inch or just under an inch of the nasty white s**t too, after it slowly turned from rain to sleet last night, I agree it can be a work-out for sure, especially when it can freeze solid into a sheet. xp Im glad you dont have to clear the side-walk it would be bad I imagine! and Im glad she closed up shop as well, you guys dont need to be in that stuff, driving or working, Hugs

I am so ar, Hugs resting and relaxing, ^8^

I hope you have a Great Day as well! Hugs & Loves heart heart heart emotion_hug emotion_hug
Giesta Report | 01/23/2015 3:34 pm
Hugsssssssssss Its fine, I know you hugs me I huggs you more too! emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
Giesta Report | 01/23/2015 3:34 pm

Nods I am so far for my 1st day of time off today, Hugs mostly resting and finding something to eat. xd

Im glad she did, if its going to get as bad as it sounds like it will be, then none of you guys should get out in it if you can help it, and not be worring about going into work in the nasty stuff. 3nodding

And Im glad the day stayed reasonably good work day which usually makes a work day go faster if you stay busy. 3nodding

I do hope you do well for those two days Know Im here and as well all of us here on Gaia to of your friends, Hugs and I do hope it doesnt turn out to be to ruff on you, Hugs

Nods I do hope it is a Great Dinner, and that it is very enjoyable, soon likely to do the same, either eat something or maybe cook something, however it tuns out, it is getting very cold here now. 3nodding

You have a Great Night as well! Hugs and Loves always for you sweet lady! heart heart
Giesta Report | 01/22/2015 3:04 pm

Work went better than expected, all in all a fairly normal day, and also helped work with a new person as well doing a job similar to mine, 3nodding
And as well Im now off till Wednesday of next week. so I have several good days of relaxing ahead. heart

Thats great! Sleep always seems to help me when I am having a low day just because it clears my mind for a time, and of course the dreams that come at night. emotion_hug And as well glad Janet has been stepping up and being kind, she sounds like a lovely sweet person too, 3nodding Oh, that sounds like a plan before bed there.

Thanks I do hope you have a Great Night as well!

Hugssssssssssss & Lovesssssssss heart heart heart
Giesta Report | 01/21/2015 4:15 pm

So far Im doing okay, mostly looking to my last day of work this week tommorrow 4am to 1pm and then Im off for at least two more days, short of finding out what my next weeks schedule is which I hope they will let me be off on the weekends a bit on next weeks work week for me. emotion_hug

I see basically a decent boring day Hugs and Im glad you have slept well, it helps to sleep well to have a Good Day. emotion_hug

I hope it doesnt come, that nasty weather, we are possibly going to get snow or flurries by Friday they claim if the cold front makes it low enough into our area, Im hoping both of us dont get anymore awful weather between now and then Hugs

I wish you the same The Best Day & Nights! Hugssssss & Lovesssss sweet lady emotion_bigheart
pocporn Report | 01/20/2015 11:11 pm
LOL I was being silly and I am not someone who've been drinking since they were like teens, I am not drunk all the time so I don't know why you're judging me that I'm growing a drinking problem in me.
I'm not ruining my life if you would just see how I am changed by my friends, drinking is just something we do when we have extra money and when there's occassion that one time I got punched in the face was my best friend's birthday I wouldn't learn being too drunk would cause problems if I myself won't experience being one, now I am smarter than I was years ago not academically or what but I am smarter now and I owe this changes in me to my friends whether people think it's a bad or a good change.

Giesta Report | 01/20/2015 4:06 pm

Im glad you checked in, Hugs Im doing well tonight I do hope you are as well. heart

I see I do hope you have some fun time while on and will have a Great Nights Sleep as well when you head to bed as well. emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug

Ill look forward to catching you later as well, Hugs

Hugsssssssssssssssss & Lovessssssssss for sweet lady! emotion_bigheart
pocporn Report | 01/20/2015 2:41 am
Hehe I know and I just have a lot of trust with people whom I hang out with IRL actually if I am already a bit drunk my girl friends be like stop Michael and not gimme drinks anymore I'm just really hard headed sometimes haha I'm still a guy, show em how strong men are in drinking LOL. At this point in my life I don't really care about those stuff or scare myself of what could go wrong I feel like I have wasted a lot of time already thinking of what could go wrong and not enjoy the things life has to offer.

It's an amazing night!
I hope you're having a great day!
Giesta Report | 01/19/2015 8:45 pm

Thanks Im doing a lot better today, I will PM you but a part of the troubles I have in things which I realized after I wnet and seeked help with a doc's visit has to do with anxiety. But today has been good though there where a few moments at work which made me very nervious but the day went well and seems to be okay. emotion_hug

Im glad your day has went well, keeping your mind occupied can be difficult sometimes I know I do struggle time to time to do something or anything to keep my mind away from things, Hugs

Always Hugsssssssssssss & Lovesssssssssssssss for such a Sweet Lady! I wish you The Best Night and Day as well. emotion_bigheart



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