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xX Yours Truly, Ragdoll Xx

xX Name Xx Peter Merkel Jr.
xX Alias Xx Ragdoll
xX Age Xx 30
xX Height Xx 5'9
xX Weight Xx 102 lbs
xX Place of Residency Xx Gotham City
xX Alignment Xx Criminal

xX History Xx Born to the circus into a family of performers, Both Peters Father and brother were born with a rare form of double jointed contortionism, making them an asset as performers. Peter was however born normal, constantly criticized by his father for being 'less then nothing' Peter scrimped, stolen and saved for a series of heavy surgery, replacing hinged metal components surgically implanted under his skin. Ultimately making himself more of contortionist then his brother or father could ever hope to be. Expensive surgeries and tune-ups turned him to a life of crime. Because of his unconventional metal joints, he must constantly apply a special emollient to keep his skin from tearing under constant strain. As for a strange fact, Peter had his genetalia removed because it kept getting in the way, he's also bat s**t insane, craziest member in Secret Society Six, especially after he pushed Jervis 'Mad Hatter' Tetch off a cliff for rivaling his lunacy, 'only room for one crazy'

xX Powers/skills XX -Triple contortionist (can fit himself into spaces a 1/4 of his body mass)
Master blades man- Ragdoll is an expert in most weapons, but prefers the stealthy approach with knives.
Expert hand to hand combatant, gifted melee fighter.
Stealthy, intelligent. Can tighten and crush bones when wrapped around opponents, due to unique skeletal system.
Glorified punching bag- Ragdoll can take an impossible beating, get ran over, half destroyed and still function often remarking pains 'unpleasantness'
Super insanity- like Joker, Ragdolls madness fuels him.


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The Artemis Crock Report | 08/17/2016 4:06 pm
The Artemis Crock
Waylon? Croc? Killer Crocs territory...crap. Artemis wanted answers, but this doll thing wasn't giving her much of a dish on words. Maybe she made a bad move, perhaps she did not? Pausing her next step after the man doll thing, she took out an explosive arrow and launched it in the direction of the doll. At least she hoped it would leave him injured of some, or give way to tearing where his mouth would be. In any case, Artemis would find it best to be seen out again in the streets rather than the sewers as most of her friends and foes very much well one she wasn't a match to the likes of the Croc.
Arkham Assassin Report | 07/24/2016 2:09 pm
Arkham Assassin

I did consider that.
Figured it might be regarded as puppeteering, so I decided against it.
Although it seems like we may be forced to anyway.

Arkham Assassin Report | 07/23/2016 8:46 pm
Arkham Assassin
I was going to say the same thing myself.
If things don't pick up swiftly, I'll probably return to my own endeavors.
Isn't like Slade to be behind the game.
The Artemis Crock Report | 07/17/2016 12:26 am
The Artemis Crock
'...you have a precarious little past...or so I'm guessing." These words hit her like a dart, if anyone else knew her family history or how she managed to become a founding member of the group of heroes she joined..her friends and anyone she made friends with as this guise would know. She didn't want to chase after the doll, but she more so didn't want her secret to be spilled out at this internally conflicted man's disposal. Swooping down into the sewer system from where the first were, she saw him running, the form as his body did look rather deformed, but she continued on the chase. Pulling out a net arrow with the possibility of a taser like quality which was enhanced by her mentor's upgrades, Artemis darted on her feet and hands positioning the arrow on her bow and aimed it to her target.
The Artemis Crock Report | 07/13/2016 3:19 pm
The Artemis Crock
Artemis gave the doll a dull glance before looking farther at what he was doing. "What do you mean by hose, again?" As far as she had known, he didn't ring a bell in her mind, of course she went from Gotham to Star City or Starling City as it's called either way for some time now. Her knowledge of the new super villains seemed for off in the distance rather than that of those who resided in the new city she fought along side her mentor. "It's not like he--they'll know. So long as I'm unharmed. Either way you're on the red zone, doll." 'Head of trouble are we?' These choice of works pricked at her rather suddenly. "And what do you mean by that exactly?" Squinting with her free hand in her utility belt now, she grasped onto a hydro arrow.
Clara Rosalie Elias Report | 07/11/2016 7:54 am
Clara Rosalie Elias
((Oh~ I didn't know you played so many! smile And I am always up for 1 on 1, i feel like you get to know the character better that way :3 Take your time replying, I know how work can be, I work at a theme park))
The Artemis Crock Report | 07/10/2016 3:01 pm
The Artemis Crock
Artemis grew slightly hostile at the sight. It was intriguing yet oddly disgusting. Holding the mirror with her arm stretched out, enough for a small gap to separate them. His fair skin seemed like foggy glass at first sight, but she quickly took notice of the joints inside his body--or what appeared to be joints. Placing her hand over her utility belt slowly, but making it seem as though she was merely resting her palm. Once the stitching was done, she honestly didn't have any words. If anything, her eyes spoke for herself in that she could only look at him with faint curiosity yet partial fright. He was an oddity that came to life, an actual rag doll.
Clara Rosalie Elias Report | 07/09/2016 4:20 pm
Clara Rosalie Elias
((*waves and smiles* Hi-ya, I'm Clara...Or well, Selina smile I'm new to the Guild :3))
Dysfunctional Harley Report | 07/09/2016 7:57 am
Dysfunctional Harley
(( Of course you are on my profile! You are an epic friend and you have great taste in how to dress your avis ^.^
Awe thank you so much, I have poured plenty of time and blood into this avi to make it 100% accurate so thank you.))
The Artemis Crock Report | 07/07/2016 11:20 pm
The Artemis Crock
"I mean, you don't have to...oh..."Moving backwards as he clawed in her direction, Artemis still moved with bow and arrow in place just in case, ready to shoot. An idea came into mind--water. Tears in the skin, and sockets of metal--rust. Listening to his suggestions made her slightly queasy; lacing him up? Sewing? Mirror? She knew she had a few spare needles in her utility belt, in fact for use of her arrows she carried. Thread? Not so much...she'd learned how to salvage bark for thread if need be. "Guess I'm on mirror duty. No thread." Artemis waited to see if the doll had a mirror or probably, shard of glass. It wouldn't really surprise her. If he tried anything he'd be unexpectingly greeted with one of her hydro arrows which were filled with water.


xX Call me Ragdoll Xx


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