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I'm Matias, I'm 23 30 years old and I'm from Argentina.
I'm the coolest person you know.

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Baada Report | 11/12/2017 10:48 am
Kind of a mix? I kind of go for challenges when I design my avatars. Not just in terms of color, but also personality/persona. I'm really into the god/spirit/Final Fantasy -esque style. This one started when I discovered the mask item and fell in love with poppy - originally I wanted to do a Poppy and Sunshine avatar, but decided to try Poppy + Verdigris + Sunshine (still working to add more sunshine) instead to have more of a winter holiday look. Idea wasn't to just combine any of the items that work, but also to maintain this persona.

Most of my avatars I see as the same character "with many faces". Kind of started with an original character like this that I imagined for something independent of Gaia, but since Gaia has it's own items and flavor the avatar has taken on a life of its own.
Baada Report | 11/11/2017 7:06 pm
redface Oh thank you! I've been working on it for 2 weeks, haha. I fell in love with the poppy items, then wanted to add a little "holiday flavor". smile
Baada Report | 11/11/2017 5:15 pm
Fortuna's Accord! It's a recolor of the Floral Accord items. It's currently a bundle exclusive in the Cash Shops, and I think the item leaves the shop tomorrow. If you want to acquire it that way.

Otherwise, here's the marketplace listing.

It occurred to me - I'm using two skirt-like items. I combined it with Wish Upon the Verdigris Fallen.
juLi3e Report | 11/01/2017 9:16 am
You Welcome! emotion_bigheart
Nyadriel Report | 09/02/2017 9:57 pm
Dng pretty well. How are you?
Slick Southpaw Report | 09/02/2017 12:58 pm
Slick Southpaw
This should help for the crazy changes
Slick Southpaw Report | 09/02/2017 12:52 pm
Slick Southpaw
xd trueeee

but I swear it's multiplied even moreee
Slick Southpaw Report | 09/02/2017 7:50 am
Slick Southpaw
Fffft there's changes, like in the numbers of frilly items that get releasedUser Image
Slick Southpaw Report | 09/01/2017 12:14 pm
Slick Southpaw
hey dude, how are ya doin?
Reyla Vangis Report | 05/14/2017 12:41 pm
Reyla Vangis
Ya still around Ungo? :O I wasn't very active on Gaia for a while there but since zOMG came back I've been enjoying helping out with a new clan that old friends and clannies have assembled. And the quest to upgrade all rings to CL12 commences! :D Have you been playing since it came back?


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