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High Priestess Lunastar Report | 01/14/2017 6:14 pm
High Priestess Lunastar
I don't normally check comments on my profile, but I saw yours as I just changed by profile layout theme, so that's why I'm only just now replying to you. And I know a few things about different funeral rites and traditions from other cultures as it was part of my occult studies. Burying items with the dead that was not just something that belonged to the dead seems to originally come from the ancient Egyptian burial traditions. Ancient Egyptians of noble or royal blood would often bury personal items with their dead, so from that others decided to also give gifts that they thought the dead might enjoy in the afterlife. They seemed to believe that anything the dead was buried with would magically follow them in the afterlife. I have always found the ancient Egyptian's tomb burials to be one the most interesting in funeral traditions.
Twisted Lady Report | 01/12/2017 4:25 pm
Twisted Lady
I'm not sure how they look on male avatars, but there are some items that remove the default undies. My legs are from Not Before My Coffee, and the bra comes off with the Crown Jewel arms.
Amai_Neiko Report | 01/08/2017 11:33 pm
That makes me happy to hear. ^w^ Lily was absolutely adorable. That's a really sweet story. I love it when a cat is so affectionate they can cozy up to a complete stranger. Once when my boyfriend and I were on a walk we came upon a super fat white cat and all it wanted was to be loved and petted. It meowed super loud when we had to walk away. xd
The Gay Experience Report | 01/02/2017 1:47 pm
The Gay Experience
The Gay Experience Report | 01/02/2017 1:18 pm
The Gay Experience
Persona hug squad!
And dw I repeat myself a lot lmao. My mind goes faster than my fingers, so my twitter is a mess with run on sentences and grammatically incorrect bullshit.
But I never bother to double check what I say, so oopsie!!

YEAH I DEF FEEL U. Most people don't know/have a reason why and I try to meet them halfway unless they're being a d**k. But I can easily forgive most people.

That really sucks :'( and yeah, I'm glad they're broken up. They ran into each other at our job a while ago, and it really shook her up. I wish I was there Dx
And yeah, definitely. If he can't respect boundaries he needs to be around someone that can supervise his actions.

The Gay Experience Report | 12/31/2016 5:11 pm
The Gay Experience
Did you know that Katsuya is my waifu?

*insert unlockable tragic backstory here* I FEEL, with not being understood and stuff. It's a complicated mess for me, orz.
Even though I have a job, I'm still dependent on my dad but it's nice being able to help out and stuff. I'm more so just trying to pay off a student loan.

I'm really patient with most people, so I try to explain things as best as possible before I lose my tempter. I get irritated really easily, but I just tell myself that most people don't know.
'Cause it's usually kind of true, so I figure I'd be the one to try and tell/teach them things that no one else bothered to do.

Our service provider started leasing phones and got rid of the contracts. They're trying to get us on the leasing bullshit but it's too much money for us, and we have a plan they don't sell anymore.
So we pretty much have to buy our phones full price now, or used; which I'm okay with.

"Girls being nice to you means they wanna have sex with you." Sorta of unrelated, but my friend's ex boyfriend has Asperger's and she realized later that he raped her. It was a huge mess and I'm like, oh my god. He was a bit stalkerish too and wanted her back, to the point where she was about to file a restraining order. tbh I kinda want to fight him but ergh.
Merlot Clover Report | 12/30/2016 11:17 pm
Merlot Clover
^^ I like trying to feed stray cats also. They're adorable but i imagine they must be hungry for something besides bugs and random things.
That actually sounds fun for new years eve. Hope it'll all go well. =^____^=
The Gay Experience Report | 12/30/2016 5:23 pm
The Gay Experience
Also, you're more than welcome to ask me anything about my mental stuff. I don't mind disclosing it.
The Gay Experience Report | 12/30/2016 5:22 pm
The Gay Experience
Oh yeah, definitely. People need to be held accountable for their actions! Lmao @ the romantic movie thing, like what?

I see people at work the newest iphones and I'm like, "That's a lot of money" AND "How can you even use that thing?" They have no earphone jack!
The s**t is wireless, I get but I was never a fan of those things.

Mmm, I'm self-diagnosed but my old therapist said I might have a personality disorder and something else. I think BPD suits me? Ergh.
I would consider myself a quiet borderline in where I act inwards rather than outwards. I hurt myself mentally rather than hurting someone else.
But I've tweaked out on my boyfriend a few times. Sometimes I feel empty or get really mad at him and my emotions tend to be all over the place.

I actually have a really hard time describing my personality because I feel like I'm adjusting to other people in order to understand them more, so I can get along with them.
But the most important thing I desire is understanding. I don't know if I want someone to understand me. I probably do but I feel like such a hot mess it's not entirely worth it.

You could say that I've been an emotionally unstable person, but it's taken a lot of will power to be able to stabilize myself. But sometimes I feel like I'm falling apart.
Twitter is actually my coping mechanism though not a very good one. I find it better to be alone when I'm tweaking out, so I tend to go on Gaia and observe other people, or dress up my avatar.
The Gay Experience Report | 12/30/2016 5:05 pm
The Gay Experience
Dude, that's really rough and I'm sorry you have to go through it. Being neurodivergent sucks and not a whole lot of people, especially parents can understand that.
There are some things in which you just can't help. You have to approach mentally ill folk and the like a little more differently; it's a case by case situation. Not everything is black and white.

My Networking professor once told me that Apple products were made for people who don't know how to use technology, and I think he was right tbh.
I love my Samsung to death. I loved all my Samsung phones. The only one that wasn't a Samsung, was an LG and I had to mail it back a week later because it was a defective pos.
So I got the same one and kept it for like a year lol. I went through a few phones. My 5 is the longest one I've had without any major complaints or screw ups.


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