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Preferred to be called UTD, Under, K.J.
19 years old.
A student with very little ambition.
Living in England.
Is a lesbian.
Has this unnatural obssession
with Succubi/Incubi.
Video game fanatic.
Loves the novel Maruice.
Loves Red Dwarf, Danger Mouse (That old cartoon.), Hetalia, Dangan Ronpa, and many more things.
I love horror, though I don't get scared easily.
Adores The Birthday Massacre & Counting Crows.

- -

I’m going to be on a hiatus until further notice.

Its been nearly seven years. Seven years of logging into the same site every day. Seven years of embarrassing memories. Seven years of wonderful memories. Without it I would have never created some of my most beloved characters. Without it I wouldn’t have come across Anurla (And we all know I worship the guy.) ********, I loved Gaia so much I named my Animal Crossing New Leaf town after Barton.

There’s so many things to thank Gaia for. But for now, this it. I will not be logging on, at least not to the extent I have been.

If you want to still communicate with me, you can find me on Tumblr. My username is kirklandjones, so just talk to me over there.

I refuse to call this goodbye though, as I hope one day I’ll be able to return and have as much fun as I once did on the site.

So thanks for the 7 years Gaia! I hope to see you again soon!

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