But you can call me AM.
Art school drop out living on Long Island. ♋.
I'm living with BPD, which lay cause to my rather abrasive personality.
It's not to act as an excuse, but an explanation, I'm trying to be better.
Normally, I'm a very compassionate, sympathetic creature.
I enjoy Silent Hill, Street Fighter, and shoegaze.
I collect anime figures.

Talk 2 me and junk.



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Oh my gosh, that is getting dangerously close to one of my top ten pet peeves: Privileged male feminists coaching women on how to be feminists. Have you ever experienced this? I unfortunately dated someone who was this, and just... stop, no, what are you doing. Go read some theory and get back to me later. It's insidious and ridiculous. But yes, the anti-feminist movement in my experience is mostly cis men who actively HATE women and HATE the fact they have voices, and what makes me most sad, or women who refuse to learn anything about women in society or the vast, vast inequalities a lot of women face. And what really irritates me, is that nearly all anti-feminists only see and are only exposed to TERFs. Who I definitely don't stand with. SO.

I guess there's only so much you can draw from someone with an avatar though! I actually am really enjoying our conversation, and am becoming less and less intimidated with each comment. biggrin But I find this a lot. My first impressions are terrible because I'm not a very trusting person immediately... It needs working on! I still do find you to be quite blunt, but that's refreshing! Especially since I like to fluff sentences with superlatives and adjectives hahaa. Sometimes I wish I could just say MAN YOU'RE IRRITATING to people, but naaaaahhh all that British Politeness and stuff.

Okay so I'm in my second year of my history degree and this essay is "Explain the emergence of nationhood and the concept of a balance of power in Early Modern Europe", and it's 4k words, and it's such a broad topic I have to constantly trim and I'm just going a bit insane. I've pretty much fleshed it out but I've only got 3 more days until it's handed in. ;___; Procrastination isn't really wanted at the moment, but I can't stop.
biggrin I saw your art tumblr. You are really talented. I adore your style! What are your influences? (PS: Totally blushed at the NSFW stuff though oh my gawd)

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Pffft I saw what you quoted and I felt my veins fill with hot lava of indignation. I don't think you were condescending at all, though I'm sure others will disagree. I find a lot of 'anti-feminists' are often uninformed of the actual purpose of feminism so props for being so cool with it.
I'm very glad you left a comment with me, since I had no idea how you'd take my honesty comment.
I'm good thanks! Procrastinating and stuff. I have an essay I need to work on (Everyone shut up I'm a faymus historian ahahaa) What about yourself?
Mostly Mailboxes

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Mostly Mailboxes

Atrophied Pig

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Atrophied Pig

Thank you, kindly.

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Pssssst. I know you don't give a crud about that WG I quoted you in so you can just ignore it.
Sorry for bothering you. > A>;;

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I'm dyin' over here.

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I considered middle school Satsuki, but I'm also of the mind that if you're going to be spending money to dress up MIGHT AS WELL GO ALL INandcrylater.
Idk man, we'll see.

Good luck with that though, holy crap.;;

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Also, Satsuki is currently at a 50-60% chance of happening because I really want to do it even if I know there will cost me TONS OF MONEY AND REGRET.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh sdflkfjlsdfjklsdfjkldksjldfjksldfkjs
right back <333


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