that's my sister. ilykid.

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hi. i'm johnny.
and i'm "a keeper".

australian, twenty, female.
i have p***s envy.
i have the most incredible boyfriend ever.
i don't really know my sexual orientation.
all i know is that love is love.
i talk too much.
my fave holiday is halloween.
i love my pokemon.
i've been sober for a month.
i love my best friends, oh soso much.
my fave superhero is wolverine and i love two-face.
(even though i hate batman.)
i want a pet pig named '********!'.
:) and i would keep it past it's piglet stage. i love pigs<3
i swear wayyyyy too much.
i won a singing competition in my school! :)
i never remember names.
i'll only insult you if i love and respect you.
no really... it's the honest truth.
i live on facebook.

i believe in beautiful things.

i'm generically unique.
experience me. <3

ps, i'm unintentionally hipster. i just try to be myself & those ******** keep copying me. D<