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therapy, la la la therapy


Inner workings

Aletaria, unchanging;
x final farewell, unchanging.

Here we are.

- - - - -

Greetings. I am unchanging, and I mean that in the most literal way. I absolutely cannot, and will not, let something go the moment I develop a strong liking for it. This is my personal curse and blessing.

My father once told me I was a tortoise in a past life, which actually holds some credibility: I prefer to live and move slowly. I think of myself as a human being rather than a human doing, because I hate to be rushed and I hate to be forced into things. Therefore, my goals in the years to come is to study, enter a field I enjoy, and secure an unhurried future. I plan on becoming a quaintrelle as well, even if it means being a wrinkly, slightly feeble quaintrelle. ♥

One thing: my interactions with others are often awkward, convoluted, or misunderstood. Communication has never been easy for me. But, I get better as I go.

I am forever a work in progress.
I continue to change in order to stay the same.

How about you?