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Aletaria → unchanging → x final farewell → unchanging
Here we are.

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Hi. I go by unchanging, Nansee, or some given nickname. At present I don't see the point in hiding behind my username's identity.

Boredom rarely strikes me. This can be attributed to being a detail fanatic being an oddball my appreciation for many, many things, often to the point of enjoying contrasting concepts. No matter what my failings are I find delight in humans, non-humans; street fashion, Lolita fashion; nonfiction, manga; rap, Kpop; the color crimson, the color beige; slang and formal language. The gritty, pretty, and what's in between basically. If it sounds disorganized, that's because it is. We find our balances somehow and I'll find mine.

in uncle chan's voice One more thing: I don't communicate very well. Talking often causes internal struggles; I'm all too familiar with the feeling of having words die inside my throat. Deference is a habit and I'm actually a lot more flustered and casual and crap than I let on. Watch out for the quiet ones, as they say … or perhaps they're the ones watching you.

TL;DR :: I change to stay the same. What's crackalackin'?