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Greetings Mortals. We are those that would see you undone. You who are undeserving of the lives that you have been given. You humans, are frail weak creatures, unable to accept your place in this universe. Unable to accept that you are but mere insects to us.

This is a multi-character account. Primarily made of Superman Villains, this account is used to help stimulate roleplays in the DC community. The characters of this account are as follows:


H'el was a clone create from the cells of countless of Kryptonians. However he believed to be native born Kryptonian and one of the brightest student's of Jor-El. Reasons of these false memories isn't fully known, but in his false origin story he was a prized student of Jor-El and was chosen to be the first Kryptonian test pilot in centuries, in a rocket designed by Jor-El. His departure was much celebrated and on the day of the launch, he was accepted into the House of El by Jor-El. During his voyage however, H'el was side tracked by unknown obstacles. Taking him through uncharted space, H'el arrived on Earth 27 years after Krypton's destruction only vowing to go back in time and stop the destruction of Krypton, not caring what it might cost Earth.

Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw)
Hank Henshaw ,Cyborg Superman, also known as "The Cyborg" is an evil counterpart to Superman with a robotic body designed using Kryptonian technology and genetics. Blaming Superman for the death of his wife Terri Henshaw, he has sworn revenge and even impersonated him during Reign of the Supermen!. In his capacity as Grandmaster, he also acts as an antagonist to Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps. Henshaw's greatest wish is to die, although due to his physiology this might be impossible. He has been a member of the Alpha Lantern Corps, the Manhunters and the Sinestro Corps.


Bizarro is the perfect imperfect duplicate of Superman, acting as his antagonist or ally depending on the situation. Originally created to be Superman's clone by his nemesis Lex Luthor, his poorly constructed genetics caused him to become the opposite. There have since been many Bizarros based on other characters, and they all live on the alternate Bizarro World. The original wears a rock necklace with "#1" written on it to distinguish himself from the other duplicates with identical physiology. He has been a member of the Bizarro Justice League, Legion of Doom, Secret Society of Super-Villains and the Injustice League.


Doomsday is an incredibly powerful monster with regenerative abilities. Every time he dies he respawns having evolved past the last thing that killed him, making him slowly invulnerable over the course of centuries traveling the universe. Developed as a weapon in a facility by the scientist Bertron, he was tested out through many of his first deaths on the planet Krypton, giving him an immense natural hatred towards Kryptonians. During the Death of Superman storyline he actually killed Superman, although Superman delivered a killing blow against him simultaneously. They would both return to fight many more times. He has been involved with the Suicide Squad and the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Brutaal was initially believed to be a resurrected and mind controlled Kal-L, who died years ago during the initial invasion of Earth-2 by the forces of Apokolips. However, when he went up against Val-Zod and the boom tube that threatened to devour the planet was closed, he was revealed to be a manufactured copy of Superman, similar to Bizarro, created by Apokoliptian technology.

Steppenwolf lead an army against Earth 2 in the name of Darkseid during the Apokolips War, where he kidnapped the daughter of Wonder Woman and began to train her as his bodyguard, naming her the Fury. Steppenwolf later killed Wonder Woman and Superman during their last ditch attack against him. He was, however, defeated after Batman sacrificed his life to send all of Steppenwolf's Parademons back through boom tubes.

Steppenwolf then spent the next five years in hiding trying to escape the World Army with the help of his remaining forces and Fury. Steppenwolf later took control of the small country of Dherain after killing their king and set up plans to conquer the world.

General Zod

General Zod is a former Kryptonian military general and an enemy to Superman. Exiled to the Phantom Zone by his people for treason, he survived the destruction of Krypton and swore revenge against the son of Jor-El.


Atlas is a mighty warrior and conqueror of magical origins from several centuries into the past. At a young age when his family was slain by Hyssa the Lizard King, a wise mentor raised him and he became a protector of the innocent. After defeating his nemesis though he gave into a darker and more destructive nature, consumed by his desire to become the world's greatest champion. He was brought into the present through time travel by General Sam Lane during Coming of Atlas to work for a branch of the military known as Project 7734, dedicated to fighting against Kryptonians. In this position he is an enforcer whenever Lane needs someone roughed up, although it is common knowledge that his ambition is to succeed his new masters and take the power he deserves. His name is inspired by Atlas of the Greek Titans, a mythological being with unimaginable strength, one of the entities who grants Captain Marvel his powers.



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((We certainly will be. Because for every death, every loss of innocence, we will fight harder. All because we don't kill. If we as heroes don't show the restraint, what does that make us? No better than the fiends we fight. And even if we did kill, it's only out of absolute necessity, not for the joy of murder or because 'it's a means to an end'. And when the public does look down on us for our actions, we don't just give in. Because we don't do it for their approval, we do it so that they never have to worry about the trivial affairs of superhumans. And to that end, the good guys still win. It's all about ideals, something intangible and impossible. Hopes, dreams, that sort of thing. And you and your kind, you nightmares drenched in blood, constantly abuse our efforts to keep the universe safe. But, hey, that's all right. Because if you weren't there for us, we'd be pretty damned bored.
So, bring it on, Henshaw. Come at me and my friends with everything you've got. Because, no matter what, it won't be enough. It will never be enough to defeat us.))